Headed to Macy's

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  1. To see if my mom and I can presale on the F&F discount.

    Any suggestions on what to get?

    My mom is wanting a wallet I think. She's weird and keeps purses FOREVER hahaha.

    I SO wish I could get the Ergo pleated satchel from them but I doubt that one. They'd probably look at me like I have two heads! I guess I'll just harass them and see what they have vs. what they can order. This should be fun :smile:

    I was almost contemplating Miss Turquoise Carly but we'll see. Now it's going to kill me to wait until the 30th lol.
  2. Did you go, yet, Mama0306? If so, what did you end up getting? I recently bought a patent ergo hobo (not the satchel) from Macy's, and I really like it. Hope your Macy's had lots to choose from!