Headed to Chicago - Sat

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  1. Any suggestions on which Coach stores should hit while I am there? Which ones have the best SA's??
  2. DO NOT go to the one in the 900 North Michigan mall, worst service ever. The freestanding on on Michigan, however, is awesome.
  3. Hi~ I normally don't post here but I used to be an avid COACH collector. You really need to go to the outlets. There are 3 around Chicago. Driving distance.

    1. There is one at Chicago Premium outlet at Aurora IL.

    This one is the closest~
    2. Prime Outlets - Huntley has enhanced your shopping experience! We have a fresh new look, along with several hot brand name stores - including Eddie Bauer Outlet, Ann Taylor Factory Store, Liz Claiborne Outlet, Banana Republic Factory Store, and BCBG Max Azria. Located on I-90, just 30 minutes west of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, Prime Outlets Huntley has something for everyone! Visit our food court with FREE WI-FI. Visit regional attractions such as Medieval Times, Rockford Speedway and Grand Victoria Riverboat Casino.

    ADDRESS11800 Factory Shops Blvd
    Huntley , Illinois 60142
    (847) 669-9100
    (888) 545-7222
    Fax:sad:847) 669-9105
    Contact Us

    HOURSMonday - Saturday, 10am - 9pm
    Sunday, 10am - 7pm

    Closed Easter, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
    Hours are subject to change.

    I go to this one a LOT!!!:tup: It is only 1 hour from Downtown Chicago.
    3. Prime Outlets – Pleasant Prairie is an outdoor shopping center conveniently located midway between Chicago, Ill., and Milwaukee, Wis.
    More than 90 brand-name stores include Restoration Hardware, COACH Factory, Coldwater Creek Outlet, Old Navy, adidas, and Eddie Bauer® Outlet. The center boasts a NEW Pavilion Building featuring a state-of-the-art Guest Services Center, Guest Lounge and family restrooms!
  4. I agree that the freestanding Coach store on Michigan Avenue (I think it's 625 N. Michigan) is awesome. They have everything! For great SA's, my favorite is the Coach store in the Loop at Adams/LaSalle. They are open from 10-3 on Saturday, but closed on Sunday.
  5. ((( Thank You ))))
  6. Hit the outlets!