Headcount, please!

  1. I am just curious...how many of y'all managed to squeeze in a Chanel purchase of any kind---bag, accessories, first Chanel, thousandth Chanel---before the price increase, and how close were you to the deadline? Unfortunately I did not but it seems like there have been a LOT of "look at my new bag!" posts on the Chanel thread lately which made me wonder, how many rushed to procure one before Feb 1st?

    And BTW congratualtions to all of you on your lovely new things!!
  2. I didnt..Im waiting for the spring bags to hit..LOL..saving for that.Im waitlisted for like 4 bags..heehee
  3. I got a PNY wallet on the last day of January.
  4. I did...I called & ordered Jan 24...:heart: Emmy
  5. I bought a large black caviar with silver h/w on Jan 31st, 8:30 p.m. Just in time!
  6. I got a white classic flap 2 wks ago. At that time, the chanel boutique I went to still got at least 4/5, just the same color same model, left. I"m so curious how many they have now...
  7. It all started when my husband bought me the Medallion Tote for Christmas. Decided to take it back because it was less than perfect. The SA and I got to talking and she told me about the price increase on the Timeless Classic Line, so I ended up getting 3 bags, a wallet and a pair of sunnies and most of them I bought due to the price increase. If I had not heard of the increase, I would have just exchanged the Medallion for the Classic Flap. :yes:
  8. Rushed to Bloomies on the 31st right afte work and came home with the small shopping tote:smile:
  9. Ha.. I got the navy jumbo patent for $1895 yesterday =) before the price hike!
  10. I'm such a sucker! I bought two before the price increase.
  11. Well i orderd a necklace yesterday, but i seriously didn't even know about a price increase. (probably because i just started coming to the chanel forum)
  12. I'm waiting for the new bags to come out.
  13. Count me among the suckers! - LOL

    Last week I purchased my Jumbo Classic White Caviar Flap.
    But on Wednesday I just couldn't resist-- so arriving today-
    Med/Lg Black Caviar Classic Flap - Med/Lrg Gold Caviar Classic Flap
    both with silver hd AND..... White Diamond Stitch Flap- yeah I know that was not included in the increase, but I couldn't resist. I have been VERY bad considering the two wallets and key chain and credit card envelope I purchased last week.
  14. Hi. I bought a jumbo classic flap in black caviar with silver hardware. I went into my local Saks on January 30th and there it was, calling my name. What was I to do? I couldn't be cruel and leave it there, ha ha. Thanks to all who tipped us off to the price increase.
  15. Yes!!! After all those pics, I ended up with a wallet! But now I am really regretting not buying a classic flap while I had the chance. Oh well.