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  1. Ok, probably silly ....but does anyone else have the problem of headbands not staying on their head....like scarfs ones, or even ones that have the little rubber underside to avoid slippage? I think I have a small head, but geez I can't get these to stay in place for the life of me! I am tempted to put double sided fashion tape on my head! Ideas/thoughts??
  2. I can't help, because I have the same problem. I'd like to know too!!
  3. I do to.. I bought those tiny hair clips and tried clipping the bottom of the headband on both sides of my head, it worked for most of the day but I had to reposition them a couple of times. I also just bought those non slip ones (they have them in Target now) and they work very well:tup:
  4. If you put the headband closer to your forehead, it wont slip as easy.

    I dont have an issue with regular headbands, but I do with the ponytail type fabric ones, I just put it really close to my forehead, and tie it as tight as I can get it, and it stays put.
  5. I have fairly good luck with the fabric ones with the rubbery stuff on one side. But I practically glue it on to my head with hairspray. They do stay, though.
  6. I have that problem with Hermes scarves and other silk scarves. They always slip to the back of my head and I find myself re-knotting them throughout the day. I don't want to clip them in case the silk gets stained by the metal clip so I don't really have any solution other than re-tying it frequently.
  7. I have the same problem! I have tried every type of head band and scarf. Nothing will stay put. I gave up a long time ago.
  8. Thanks ladies - it looks like a bunch of us are in the same boat! I don't want to ruin my nice silk coach and LV scarves by snagging them, and the ones that are suppose to stay put fly off my head like a boomer rang....so I see a product development idea........ I will ponder on this!:yes:
  9. me too. . . DH loves them on me but they shoot right off the back of my head after a while :sad:
  10. I have this problem too. I think it depends on the shape of your head. Mine's pretty flat at the back of my neck.
  11. I use bobby pins! Alternatively, find a stiffer headband that does stay securely on your head and wear that under the scarf. You can bobby-pin the scarf to the headband, or make a unique look by wrapping it around the headband and leaving the ends free.
  12. Laurie - that is genius! I have some tight head bands that I will tie the scarf around, I think thight might just do the trick. I have tried the bobby pins and unfortunately that didn't. THANKS!:okay:
  13. I've found that if I tease my hair slightly right behind where I want my headband to sit that it helps a lot. And then I just take a couple of bobby pins and cross them in an X underneath my hair. If I do both of these things together that I can keep my headbands in place all day.

    The other thing, is that I don't use just regular bobby pins, instead I use some that are made for dancers. They are by a company called Bunhead, and they are made to keep hair up and in place. They are a little more expensive, but they are definitely worth it in my opinion.
  14. I have this problem too, and my hair is curly so everytime it slips my hair gets fuzzier and fuzzier. :/ I try to do the bobby pin thing and it works ok, but still slips.
  15. I have this problem too. I'll put the headband/scarf in my hair and place one bobby pin on each side, just above my ears. That will last all day and I usually never have to re-tie my scarf.

    You can also try putting a little bit of hairspray or gel right in the area where the headband will cover. That helps it stick sometimes.