Headbands/scarves- any good suggestions?

  1. A thread for people who have headband and headscarf fetishes. By the way, does anyone know how much a burberry headband goes for retail price? I have been trying to find it everywhere online, and the local Nordstrom ran out.
  2. I love headbands & scarves for hair accesories. I don't own any designers but I love PUCCI scarves to wear them as a headband. Their design is unique and fun. As for a burberry headband you should directly call a burberry boutique. I know they have more than one size headband so the price may vary.
  3. I like the hairbands from Miu miu and ferragamo.
  4. For scarves, how about checking out an indie designer - poshaq?
    Poshaq.jpg Poshaq 2.jpg
  5. They are very pretty, pb!

    I particularly like the lower one! :heart:
  6. Hi chloehandbags, I agree with you. Why are you up so early? :smile: I'm about to leave for lunch with my mum - Malay satay (yummy)!
  7. Headbands by indie designers (cookieandthedude and kailochic):

    Headband 101
    You can choose from the fabrics available on the site

    cookieandthedude headband.jpg Kailo chic orange mod floral headband.gif Kailo chic teal mod floral headband.gif Kailo chic light bright headband.gif

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  9. 2freshpetunias candy stripe headscarf.jpg 2freshpetunias cabana babe headscarf.jpg 2freshpetunias sunshine headscarf.jpg 2freshpetunias piccadilly headscarf.jpg 2freshpetunias violet beans headscarf.jpg
  10. Jennifer Ouellette makes amazing ones--you can find them at Barneys...I am kind of sensitive usually and sometimes hairbands give me a headache over time but hte Jennifer Ouellette ones are super nice and great fit and give you this additional voluminous look in the back :smile:

    They are about 50-100 USD depending on pattern and material thats on the hairband.

    Burberry ones are about 125-150 USD i think

    Emilio Pucci makes some cute ones too, hair scarves, Barneys has quite a good collection of hair goods :smile:
  11. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I love the indie designers, especially the headscarves from 2fresh petunias (cute patterns.) Which do you think is a better buy, headscarve or headband? I also love this Coach headscarve as well. It's definately a reasonable buy for $48. Coach - COACH SOHO FLORAL PONYTAIL SCARF

    But i think i might just like burberry and pucci prints rather than coach (i still love it though)
  12. ^^ I love the Coach Soho Floral ponytail scarf. I'm getting the blue one for my birthday from a friend! (She had to tell me since I was going to buy it for myself.)

    The Pucci ones are also great. I'm a big fan of Pucci designs.... so nice and colorful!
  13. I just found alot of Jennifer Ouellette headbands online at Karizma Boutique. They're very cute!
  14. i love scarves for days that im so lazy, or primp days when i go tanning get my nails and hair done etc! heh
  15. I just found this information in a local paper on another way to tie a head scarf. May not be new to y'all but is new to me. :smile:

    How to Manage Your Scarf
    • Roll scarf to desired width.
    • Fold in half.
    • Using an elastic hair tie, pull tie through the top portion of the fold, creating a circle, enough to slide on and off the head
    • Put head through opening of scarf, adjust and pulling both ends of the scarf to a snug fit, leaving the elastic tie at the base of the head/neck.