1. I desperately want this headband but I can't find it on the website anywhere. Does anyone know anything about it?

  2. i want that headband too!!!!!!
  3. LOL!! Me too!! It'd be great if they'd really do those in all kinds of colors!
  4. That is funny! My sister commented on that and wants it too desperately!
  5. hmmm...i just looked all over too and couldnt find it, im wondering if its a ponytail scarf precisely folded like that???
  6. i tried folding my ponytail scarf like that, but that bow just didnt come out right....
  7. I got the catalog on Wed and that was obviously the first thing I saw and loved that too!
  8. I don't think its a pony scarf...but I have a much longer skinny scarf I use as a belt...it could be like that but folded. Unfortunately a lot of the time they show clothes that you can't get...or shoes that are no longer available on the models in the catalog....hope its not like that!
  9. I love it too, wish it came without the signature stuff on it too ... in different colors.
  10. I hope it isn't :sad: I (and apparently so many other people :biggrin:) want it really badly!!
  11. it IS really cute! i hate when there are things in the catalog that you can't get - i'm obsessed with the clear plastic tote on the back cover of this one, but it doesn't really exist to buy!
  12. yeah i like that headband too. i hope that it will be avail in the store and not just some kinda prop for the catalogue.
  13. They aren't a scarf, they're an actual headband. There's velcro at the back that keeps it on, and the little bow is a separate piece that you can slide on and off. We had a couple of those in blue at the outlet I used to work for. I almost bought one but didn't. They're super cute.
  14. It is super cute. I think it's just an item for show and not for sale.:sad:
  15. spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkles & ms- whitney? can either of you shed some light on this?