Headband Headache?

  1. I wear a headband almost every day, but after about an hour I always get a headache from it and have to take it off for a little bit. Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. Yes this used to happen to me sometimes when I wore headbands. Its probably a good idea to try it on if you can before buying to make sure its not too tight.
  3. It happens to me with some headbands. I like getting ones that are padded at the temples. If they are too tight, I stretch them out by putting books, table, chair, pillows, anything in between them and leave it for a day or two. Sounds weird, but it works!
  4. Yes, that's why I don't wear handbands. The other reason I don't wear them is because sometimes they slip off.
  5. i dont get a headache. but my head gets really sore.. haha.

    headbands dont work on me
  6. This happens to me too! Anyway to get them to stop? This also happens if I wear my hair up for too long :sad:
  7. OH OH ME TOO! But only some headbands.. If it happens that's the last time I'll ever use it..
  8. I get this a lot, especially since I wear glasses. I find that fabric headbands give me less of a headache.
  9. Yes and i hate it, that is why i never wear them !

  10. DITTO!!!!!!
  11. yes! me too! sometimes if i have my hair up in a ponytail it starts hurting too. its a shame because i love headbands!
  12. This happens to me as well! It also happens if I wear glasses or sunglasses for too long. Or if I wear headphones that go behind my ear for a long time.

    The only seem that seems to help is to just not wear anything that touches the area behind my ears for too long. So I only wear my stretchy elastic headband to hold my hair back when I'm working out. Sucks because some of those JCrew type headbands could be so cute!
  13. All the time! I usually have to get it off for like, half and hour and then put it back on.
  14. always!! that's why I don't wear them!
  15. I will have to try this!! thanks for the tip!