headaches...migraines....brain seizures?!?

  1. i haven't had the chance to post on the forum for awhile now cuz i've been so stressed with school and looking for a job but i definitely needed some opinions on this and where else would i turn but to my trusty PF ladies? :P

    as some of you know i'm in a perpetual state of stress which means a life of headaches and migraines in various stages....i've had all types, the kind that cluster in one part of your head, the ones that stay for days, the sensitive to light and nausea inducing ones....

    so last night i'm lying in bed when all of a sudden i get this hot flash inside my skull in what feels like my brain...then it feels like my brain is pulsating and it starts to feel tingly and i'm in agonizing pain for about 3 minutes, bent in half trying to squeeze my head to get the pain to stop :wtf:....now this is the weirdest sensation i've ever felt and it's still not completely gone...it was okay for awhile when i was out and about but once i sat home to do some hw it was instantaneously back.....plus in the past week i've developed like this freaky eye twitch which makes me feel like i'm crazy :blink:...

    so i'm just wondering....i've never really been one for doctors....should i be worried or is it nothing? :sad:
  2. You should definitely go and have an MRI. It's painless and super duper quick. I had one for my recurring headaches, it's great as a baseline as well.
    DO NOT ignore head pains or chest pains, never ever.
  3. I was having sinus problems and for a time there, I was getting incredibly dizzy. (Like, standing upright was threatening). I couldn't ignore something like that. I didn't like getting dizzy and it was freaking me out. I'm glad I went to the doctor, because it turned out that when I have sinus problems, I have inner ear problems, and when I have inner ear problems, I get vertigo.

    I'm sorry, I have a point. Which is, if you have something going on with your head that freaks you out. Go to a doctor.
  4. I absolutely agree with this! I went for years without having an MRI when I should have had one many years ago. Luckily, my condition is not necessarily life threatening, but it does affect my quality of life. Now that I know there is something wrong and it isn't "just in my head"(no pun intended), I am able to deal with it. Definitely do not take this lightly and please see a doctor! Good luck!
  5. swanky and twinkie this MRI thing sounds interesting i'll have to look into that :P........hopefully something my insurance will cover :Push:

    and caitlin i probably should go to the doctor, but i've been avoiding it because for the first time in my life i dont' have health insurance under my parents (i got insured through my school) and i have no idea how my insurance works/what type of coverage i have/lotsa little details and so i guess i've been making excuses since i'm lazy lazy lazy :noggin:....and also my prior doctor's response to everything was "stress".......have a weird lump developing in your ear? must be stress....constant stomach pain? stress.....foot pain? probably stress....incessant jaw popping and pain? of course it's stress :shrugs: i mean obviously everything is caused by stress right? :P
  6. that jaw popping thing could be headache related. Call and find out what is covered and see if you'll need a referal to get an MRI.
  7. will do swanky.....my mother tells me i sound like an 80 year old woman when i start talking about what hurts :upsidedown:......sad since i'm in my early twenties :P
  8. this may sound primitive, but are you drinking enough water?
    Any form of dehydration usually causes headaches, also not drinking enough water is VERY hard on your joints.
  9. Could be a trigeminus neuralgy. The trigeminus nerv is a nerv with three lines and the centre is about where your ear/jaw starts: 1 line goes through your face into the upper jaw the other one into the downer jaw and the 3rd goes over your head right to the middle of the skull. A neuralgy is a pain attack which is like seizures and can last from a couple of minutes to hours when there's no break in between. I'd make an appointment for a MRI scan so you know exactly what kind of pain is it. I have this trigeminus neuralgy/ neuropathy for almost 5 years now and there are days especially when cold hits my face that I'm in agony but there are treatments for any pain the difficult part is finding out what pain correspond to which medicament. Neuralgies always have a trigger like heat, cold, stress, food etc. You might observe what's triggering the head aches so you can tell the doc what seems to start/makes them worse. A good diagnose is half the rent as we say here. Good luck!!
  10. swanky honestly i drink maybe a cup of water a day if i'm lucky.....not a big drinker at all so that may be part of what causes all these headaches.....really should take better care of my poor apparently dehydrated body...:drinkup:

    and tanja that sounds complicated :sweatdrop:......i know i grind my teetha lot in my sleep and so that's definitely part of it.....thanks so much for your knowledgable advice.....as you can see i'm just a picture of health :crybaby::lol:
  11. It could be many things, and the best way is to be safe about it and go to see your general doctor, neurologist, and so on
  12. see a doctor.. make sure you have a list of your symptoms....
  13. Good call, exactly what I was going to say.
  14. oh grinding your teeth too!? You should get a little biter tray, it helps soften the friction and do whatever you have to do to drink more water.
    I just starting learning this as an adult {i.e: when migraines landed me in the hospital}.
    Add something to it, anything, just get enough down.
    You WILL NOT believe the difference in how you feel after a few days of upping your water intake.
    When I started making concerted efforts to drink more/enough I could totally feel it, I could also see it in my skin:yes
  15. I was thinking this too. A friend of mine has this and says it's very painful, but she mostly has it under control with meds now.

    Also, I have migraines (although not so much anymore since I take medication), but I have had them where I have felt like my brain was actually pulsing, kind of like you described. Also, the jaw popping you have sounds like TMJ, which is also known to cause headaches.

    I know where you're coming from with your doctor's answer to everything being stress. With my doctor, any time I complain about something to her, she says, "Well, you're getting older." I'm 43. Come on. I know I'm not a spring chicken, but I thought 40 was the new 30! Everything that's wrong with a person is not always stress or age. Unfortunately, my doctor has never seen fit to order an MRI for me, but at least my migraines are pretty much under control now.

    I feel for you; headaches are the worst! Try a different doctor and get an MRI!