Headache with comcast????

  1. OMG, I cannot believe, it took me forever to log on back to the pf.:hysteric:
    I have comcast cable, really thought of it as fast and quick, but it would not
    let me back into the forum.
    This is the first time now, since 2 days, f***i**g cable. why is it taking me away:yucky:
    as soon as I log off.

    So sorry , I have been gone and tried to catch up with all of you, and yes i need
    my fix.
    Hope it still works in the morning.
    Does anyone else have this problem>?
  2. Nothing about bags yet....but I am back on....yeah.....;)
  3. Me too! I have comcast and just got on today...I was so flipping mad. It's kicked me off several times this morning:tdown:.
  4. same here ;)

    but since this isn't about bbags, I'm going to move this to the FB Drop Box :heart:
  5. Comcast really has been a pain for everyone... they do not update their ISP's quickly at all, leaving you all out of our new ISP and stuck on the old one (which is now taken down).

    Glad to have more of you back!!!!