Head ups...JIMMY CHOO Python Hobo @ Neimans on SALE!!!

  1. There is a blackish purpleish Python Hobo at Neiman Marcus @ Tysons Galleria in Virginia.

    This is one of the bags from the consolidation sale they are having.

    Ask for Quincy @ 1-877-877-1849
  2. Anybody called about the bag yet? I hope one of us gets it.
  3. Any idea what the price was????? It sounds beautiful!
  4. I would also like to know about the price!
  5. It works out to be about $1050 but it is final sale and the SA that was looking at it said there was a problem with one of the scales on it. Don't know if it could be fixed or even what the problem was, but if you get it and dont like it, you are stuck.
  6. Do you know which style it is...(any pics?) and how much it was originally? Thanks!
  7. No pics. But from her description it is the python ayse. Retail was well over $2k, maybe close to $3k. Can't recall.
  8. :choochoo::choochoo::choochoo:
    It is this one and I got it:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  9. Hmmm - so that's what you've been up to! :graucho:
  10. :sneaky: :sneaky:

    Just me, my Kitties and my Sneaky Snakes
  11. Dang Robyn :drool: Congratulations again on another great Sneaky Snake purchase at a great deal!!:yahoo:

    Have been too tired to write much, but need to pm you... I met the MN people at my meeting and totally hit it off with them, so I might be out there to interview in Sept... will keep you updated.
  12. OMG congrats!!! That is one gorgeous, gorgeous looking bag!!!

  13. That would be SO Awesome!!! DH did go to Dallas this past week, but it was too crazy here for me to even consider going with him and it is a good thing with all the crappy weather in the Mid-West...... He saw some interesting airports that were not even part of his flight itinerary :roflmfao:

  14. Congrats!! Looks great, hope you enjoy it :yahoo:

  15. :ty: Carmen82

    I am becoming a collector of exotics :push: and although I don't really care for the style of the Aysa, I love the colors of this bag and had really wanted this one when it came out, but not enough to pay the full price or even the price I had been able to get it for from the SFA sales.

    I had actually purchased the Brown/Green Shade
    and sent it back, because I didn't :heart: it enough :tdown: Keep your eyes peeled, I am sure there will be some popping up on SFA soon and it was $1125.00