head to toe H

  1. hi there,

    Has anyone worn head to toe hermes?
    I know its a big fashion no-no, but i consider h less conspicuous than many other designers, so to me, wearing a scarf, bracelet, bag, belt, shoes all by H would still look more elegant than say LV, GUCCI and many other designers. If you didn't wear all items with an "H" logo on it, i don't see a problem..... What do you think?
  2. I usually restrict it to three things H - perhaps a bag, scarf and bracelet. But I know what you mean. There was a lady in my store once - head to toe H RTW and accessories, and unless you were familliar with the brand, you couldn't tell.

    She looked quite fab, in fact.
  3. kinda reminds me of those die-hard chanel ladies, the ones that wear the suit, pearls, shoes, bag etc. as long as ur not wearing a logo'd coat, shoes, hat, ala dior or lv, i think a confident, knowing woman can look spectacular. She lives in my imagination, have yet to meet her.....
  4. WE MET HER at Bergdorfs in NY!!!!!!!!

    A group of us were there (S'Mom, Japster, Mrs M & I) and that CHANEL woman was there!!!!!!!!

    She WAS so fabulous.....
  5. believe me, if i saw her, i'd bow at her feet. i absolutely love love women who can pull off a high-end look, head to toe. I actually don't get upset, or jealous, i applaud them. And if they crush the myth of being unapproachable, even better. But i mean the whole look has to be there, exquisite makeup and all. if I see lipliner, i'd run a mile!
  6. I love if they can do the head to toe same-brand look across seasons. It looks so much more original.

    I see too many women in asia doing the head to toe look, and I know it's the sales assistant who put it together for them. And they never mix and match their pieces. Just wear a particular look as it's been put together for them.
  7. the chanel woman we saw looked like she browsed the rtw catalogue, pointed at the image and said "I'll take it....the whole lot". She even had the correct runway jewellery.

    White linen palazzo pants in the middle of NYC - can you imagine? She must have had a driver waiting downstairs...those hems had never brushed a sidewalk.
  8. yeah that way, you know that are absolutely brand loyal. I don't have a problem when sa's are called in to help, heck, most of us need it, but I personally would prefer knowing that a woman put it together herself. But I do love the thougth that a woman could be wearing the same brand all her life....what a legacy to be proud of.....i know it may sound eccentric, but it just says so much about that woman.....
  9. can you tell i''m a romantic?!!!!
  10. I think it's a fabulous idea - especially with H. The 'signs' are in the detail and minor accents that give it away. However, I don't think I'd get away with it. I tried it once......and started taking things off.

    There's a woman in my town that dresses in only Chanel. You have to be able to carry it off. Someone once told me, "'so and so is the only woman in town who can wear Chanel from head to toe, and still look like a pastry(read: tart)."
  11. What I love even better is when excellent clothes are handed down from mother to daughter.

    Some of my italian friends are wearing their mothers' Pucci. I'm so envious. The quality of 70s Pucci is far superior to current Pucci.
  12. oh gawd, now i'm gonna cry... i love the thought of passing down vintage clothing. alas, ain't gonna happen for me, nor my daughters. still ya gotta love those kinds of ladies, i reckon catherine zj could/would/should be a lady like that... that's why when i do buy my first h bag, its gonna either be vintage box or barenia, i want my life's experiences in/on my bags. how i've come to that conclusion is beyond me, but that's how it is..... i should have been born in a different time./place.....or timezone....
  13. so long as it is not logo-ed apparel, I really don't see why not? In fact, it would looked pretty put-together especially if the pieces are from the same collection.

    I once saw a lady in fendi jeans with the FF logo emblazoned over the fabric, with a matching FF bag. She looked like a walking billboard for Fendi
  14. mm, i don't like that, to put it mildly.....
  15. Ain't that the truth.

    If I could, I would wear head to toe Hermes, but my lifestyle isn't that kind, with children and a "hands on" occupation!

    There are cliebts of my store that buy every piece of every season. How wonderful! I, unfortunately, am not tall enough to pull off RTW H pants, and some of the skirts are too long as well. It would be a waste of my money, but oh so decadent!