Head & Shoulders commercial: Carbon Blue Teri Spotted!

  1. I just saw a Head and Shoulders commercial, when at the very end, one of the models slung a beautiful, blue leather bag over her shoulder. They suddenly did a close up, and lo and behold- it was a Carbon Blue Teri!!! I got excited because I own the bag, love it, and never ever see MBMJ bags on tv.

    Has anyone else seen this commercial?

    P.S. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for posting this. :p
  2. I haven't noticed it but I'm definitely going to watch for it now! And I understand your excitement...I felt the same way when I spotted a MJ bag in Spider-Man 3! :p
  3. I SAW THAT TOO!! My fiance was laughing at me b/c i was like OMG i think that was a MJ bag!

    those shampoo bottles fit quite nice, huh? lol!
  4. COOL! Can't wait to see the commericial. I've never seen Carbon blue outside the stock photos.
  5. That's so cool! Is there some screencap available where they show this?! I'd love to see the Carbon Blue Teri on an actual person too!

    Is it actually like the color that is depicted on the MJ website?
  6. I haven't seen a screencap yet..hmmm
  7. ooh i saw that..i said the same thing too..dh thinks i am crazy :graucho:
  8. Bumping this thread because I finally saw the commercial tonight. They really zoom in on the bag. It's such a gorgeous shade of blue!
  9. I saw it too. Glad I'm not the only one that noticed. :amuse:
  10. Yay! Just saw it last night!
  11. I still haven't seen it yet! Either it's only airing in the States, or I'm not watching enough TV!!
  12. ^^Well, I finally saw it on MTV, which I hardly ever watch. So maybe it only airs on select networks.