Head Phone bag in Gwen Stefani's new video!

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  1. Hope this wasn't already posted! The bag looks AWESOME! I LOVE it even more now!!!

    it comes up about 2 minutes into the video!!

    YouTube - Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape
  2. Gwen is probably one of not many people that can actually get away carrying this bag. It just suits her style!
  3. i'm slightly obsessed with her album. it is quite good, despite some bad reviews. both of the new vids are HOTT (wind it up and sweet escape).
  4. totally off topic so dont shoot me, but i'm loving the dress too.

    dont know if the bag is worth 20k though :-s .. yeah, it is. :smile:
  5. ITA, not for me...but fine for her.
  6. My gf who actually waitlisted for this bag, I havnt talked to her about it. I dont even know if she saw the bag in person yet? any ways, I want her to get it now lol
  7. I love that song. The bag works on Gwen.
  8. Suits Gwen's image really well.
  9. Yeah, this definately fits Gwen and I love the "idea" of the bag I'm just not sure I could pull it off.
  10. wow! now thats a TDF bag!
  11. Suits her image and maybe a few other celebs.
  12. I thought they cancelled that bag?
  13. They made 30 of them. Each bag has a number on the inside "plate"
  14. That bag actually doesn't do anything for me. 22,000? Dh and daddy would commit me !