head over heels

  1. I think I need to officially declare that I am now 100% head over heels for LV....:heart:

    So I've put myself on a ban since my previous bulk purchase about a month ago, and told myself that I can't even get NEAR our local LV store until I return from my next big vacation trip in June....

    I was holding up pretty well, despite the fact that images of those on my wishlist kept popping in my mind almost every day; I tell ya, it's like I'm in rehab or something...

    Well, last nite, hubby had to take some pictures to develope at the mall, and sure enough, the guy at Ritz told us it would take about half an hour before the pictures will be ready...so, what do we do? :confused1:

    My first natural gesture to hubby was, "lets go into the LV upstairs so I can just take a peek at my wishlist items!" Hubby was relunctant about that, but I dragged him over anywayz, reasurring him that it'll be real fast, just a quick peek...:yes:

    To my surprise, the SA who helped me there last time still remembers me! She was so friendly and warm...so I naturally called out all that I wanted to see...the pomme zippy, envelope, cles, roxbury, damier and damier azur zippy, and of course, the ursula...

    strangely enough, the SA didn't know there was an envelope in the vernis pomme...I had to describe to her that it's flat, has a flip top, with a long chain...hubby looked at me like I knew more than the SA! Afterwards he told me I should be an SA instead :smile:

    Anyhow, I was lucky and unlucky that they didn't have the roxbury in pomme nor the envelope...unlucky cuz I didn't get to see 'em in person, but lucky cuz that stopped me from making another bulk impulsive buy in front of hubby! :sweatdrop:

    I told the SA that I would need to compare the pomme zippy w/ the damier ones first before I decide (which is true, cuz I'm so leaning towards the pomme zippy)...and wanted to see the envelope next to the cles first before I can make up my mind which to take home...

    She was nice enough to take down my name and offered to call me when their next order comes in...:graucho:

    I was so excited, I practially *skipped* out of the store...:roflmfao:

    Hubby looked at me like, I REALLY need to get some help...he said he's never seen me so gleeful, and wish that I would be more like that when we go to church...haha...I told him just the fact that I got to FEEL those things is enough to last me for a few days....:jammin:

    he just rolled his eyes and said he needs to get me some help....:rolleyes:
  2. heehee, I can relate, and I don't even live near an LV; just using mine and touching them, today it's Perle Bedford makes me soooo head over heels... it's crazy, I missed my train stop this moring oggling my perle bedford and perle agenda together, someone help me!
  3. T_T your story reminds me that i should stay away from the LV store too. i have a hard time fighting the feeling of wanting to buy something when i walk into the boutique.
  4. I can absolutely relate to the feeling. It's like a rush just going into the boutique and visiting all my 'wants'. Poor hubby just pretty well at first but he definitely keeps me on a time limit. I could be there all day!
  5. WELCOME TO THE CLUB SISTA!:yahoo: I've been a mad LV addict since last Nov.....:blush:
  6. I know the feeling, a few days ago we went to LV to pick up a tag I had heat stamped and I saw the dentelle Fersen in person, I got to touch it, try it on, I did go a little crazy over it and I'm am still thinking about it. I kept telling my husband "I can't beleive it was really there and I got to try it on" He thinks I'm nutso already anyway for LV so nothing phases him anymore.
  7. Haha....i agree we often know more than the SA's. Maybe they should become PF members!
  8. Guess if hubby hadn't been there last nite I would've sure brought home something...probably the pomme cles...but I know I can't get another LV in his presence any time soon...(my plan is to get it behind his back..haha), since he keeps putting the guilt trip on me that I'm literally buying away our house...with each LV I get we're one step further away from getting a house...sigh... :sad:

    anywayz, speaking of house, do any of you ladies buy insurance for your LV? We're going on vacation soon and I'm afraid to leave my LVs in an empty house...I think I'll have to bring 'em to my mom's for security sake...but also, someone mentioned that perhaps I should take pictures of them in case something happens to our condo, I can report that those are my possession and what they're worth...
  9. umm... can your hubby get me some help too??!?!?! lol I'm CRAZY for LV!!!!!!!! lol
  10. Yeah, it's a bad addiction. We all need help:wacko: