head lice

  1. my neighbours lil daugheter has head lice.. and there are no paharmicaies open now.. anyone know a home remedy to get rid of them.. am frekaing out thats it all over my apartment too
  2. OMGosh!! When I worked at the elementary school, there was a little girl with red, thick, curly hair who literally had lice at least once a month. OOHHHHHHH, YUCK! She would go home and get treated, and be back a day or two later. I would always try to stay far away from her hair :sad: I even went to my hairdresser and had her look through my head for lice, haha!

    As for treatment? I've heard that putting oil or mayo on the hair will suffocate the lice in about 30minutes to an hour and then you can sit there and pick the nits out with some tweezers and a VERY VERY fine toothed comb :sad:

    Don't worry, they won't migrate all the way over to your apartment :smile:
  3. oooo what kind of oil? i need to treat my hair tooo.. as ive been in contact with her for the afternoon.. and shes been layin on the bed etc... can anyone secodn the oil.. i have oil. dont have maypo
  4. The little girls' mom used Olive Oil :smile:

    Wait...She's been laying on your bed?! Take off your sheets and disinfect them (ie. boil or on the hottest cycle your machine has). Is your pillow mashine washable? Wouldnt' be a bad idea to do that too...

    PS: If you don't have a pillow that is mashine washable...I would use a different pillow for a week or two. Store the pillow in a air-tight container. This will suffocate the lice and the eggs that they lay
  5. going to go drench my and her hair in olive oil
  6. ahhh just thought of something.. how would i get the oil out???
  7. WAIT WAIT WAIT!! I forgot something very important.

    When you've got the oil in your hair, put a cap on your head. Like a shower cap so that the oil doesn't drip all over the place. DOn't have a shower cap? Use Saran wrap or some other type of plastic wrapping.

    If I remember right, I also heard that blowdrying it on high heat will also help to kill the lice.

    And then you can start combing out the hair (be sure to wash out the comb after every stroke) and then you can wash it.

    Sorry :sad:
  8. how does one get lice other than transferring from one person to the next?
  9. but wil it come out easily?? i woudl imagine no>. cuz water and oil dont mix no?
    haha the oil woudl actually be good for may hair even if i dont have lice.. hahaha
  10. I just edited my post above, since I forgot something very important :smile:

    The oil will be very good for your hair even if you odn't have lice! It will act as a conditioning agent, and will more than likely live your hair nice, soft, silky and shiny!

    You'll probably have to do the lather, rinse, repeat routine - but it will come out :smile:
  11. It's basically something that goes from one person to the next. Susie Q has it, and she passes it on to Bobby. Bobby goes to the playground and plays with Ashley and their hair touch. Ashley goes to school and gives it to Amanda, and Amanda goes to her cousin's house and gives it to little Maggie. Maggie then goes to preschool and gives it to little Fred...etc :sad:
  12. ya i heard the easiest place to get is on the plane
    well ive told the girls mum.. going to go do my head.. will wrap in cling wrap. am sooo paraonoid sooo feell very VERY itchy
  13. dont have a comb- so will jsut use my brish and then get medicine tomorrow and repeat the process with a comb
  14. When I was in high school, the senior class took a trip to a nearby waterpark. A couple of days after the waterpark excursion, my head started itching like crazy--I nearly passed out when I found a nit in my hair:yucky:

    Apparently, when I was sunning myself on a sandbar, the lice got into my hair. I have no idea how else I could have got them.:yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky: I was, and am, obsessive about keeping my hair clean.

    Needless to say, I have been extremely paranoid about lice since then and it is part of the reason why I don't teach at the elementary school level.

  15. ahhh. This thread is making me really scared!