Head For Hats !

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  1. I wear hats mainly in the Winter , I love shearling hats, wool berets and some skull hats.
    In the Summer for the gym I will wear a baseball hat.

    How about you do you have a head for hats ?
  2. I love, love, love hats :love: ! I have hats for every season/occasion...luckily, I'm one of those people who look good in hats :weird:. I think my main reason for having so many hats is because I HATE styling my hair and in my profession you have to look good, head to toe all the time ( I'm a hairstylist/makeup artist :shame: )...but I LOVE playing with other people's hair :nuts: !
  3. I have a brown leather Coach hat that I love, with my dark brown tinted sunglasses, I felt so cool as I walked to the mall yesterday :smile: hehe

    I'm very sensitive to light, almost no pigment in my eye, so hats are a necessity for me. I've usually worn baseball caps, but I'm trying to find more stylish hats to wear.
  4. i dont really wear hats... i have to walk to work everyday, so in the winter i just have a beanie... its taken quite a beating! its just a little black Billabong one.... i might try and find something more exciting this year... maybe one with ear flaps? or even a pair of ear muffs??? hehehe! Seriously, its not that cold in New Zealand when it gets to winter... it just rains lots in Auckland!
  5. I don't wear hats for fashion but for function. I have 2 really cute hats to wear when it is freezing outside and I'll be outside a little. Hasn't been cold enough the past 2 or 3 years though. I have a couple of cute straw hats to wear on a picnic or sailing in summer. Other than that I wear a (animal print or Safari's logo) baseball cap outside sometimes when Im out feeding the lions, tigers, wolves, monkies and bears, etc. (some of the critters can be funny, 2 of the monkeys will take the hat off and the Liger hates hats so I don't wear one to feed him - he was abused by a man that always wore a baseball hat.) Tha's it, these are the only times I wear hats.
  6. I love hats but nobody in California really wears them, except for the occasional baseball hat... I'd love a big floppy sunhat but I'd feel like I stood out too much wearing it anywhere but the beach.
  7. i look a little weird in hats because my hair is curly, imo, but i've been told i look nice in them. some girls here wear the big hats (think Kentucky Derby) to the UGA football games because it's tradition to get dressed up. we're hardcore here, lol.
  8. lol i HATE hats... i don't think i've worn one since i was like...6 and that was probably some sort of easter bonnet lol
  9. That's soooo cute! California is so casual. Wearing a dress (even a sundress!) will get you, "Why are you so dressed up?"
  10. Does beanies count as "hats"? I only wear them when I go snowboarding. Otherwise, no hats or hats-related stuff for me because I don't want to have a "hat" hair where it gets all flat and oily. :blink:
  11. I'd love to wear hats but I have such a small head I rarely find hats that fit or look good on me.
  12. I totally agreed!! I need to find events to wear my dresses somehow.
  13. Unfortunately, I got a BIG head. I've been called a "lollipop" before. Big head and small frame. :lol:
  14. I say we just say Screw Ya'll (like the Southern I threw in for you, Amanda?!) and just dress up as pretty as can be. Maybe we can fake Southern accents and pretend like we're just visiting.
  15. lol, what can i say? i :heart: the South, i don't ever want to move away! i feel so manly in pants or shorts...i ALWAYS wear skirts or dresses, particularly in summer, i can't wait for linen and seersucker season. there is definately a trend towards ladylike things there. i draw the line at wearing heels to the games, though, because you have to stand on concrete or bleechers for hours. a lot of girls do that, but i have a nice pair of cole haan flats for that purpose.

    and the boys - it's SO nice to see boys walk around every day in nice khakis and collared shirts!

    not everyone here is like that, for sure, but hey, they can't all be as awesome as i am!

    y'all should all come and visit! i bet y'all have never had real sweet tea...