He went to TIFFANY'S!!! :)

  1. My bf got down on one knee and popped the question!!! :yahoo:And OMG i love the ring! He got me a Tiffany's Ribbon ring...The center stone is a little more than a carat and so sparkly! Now i know what the HUGE hype of Tiffany's engagement rings are! They truely are show stoppers and soo pretty! :smile:

    I tried to take pictures, but I'm afraid they aren't that good! And it didnt help taking them with a yellow over head light lol! So I assure you the yellow parts are just a reflection not flaws (my fiance just pointed that out to me when he saw me posting this so I just HAD to inform you guys hehe!)

    And the first pics of the box is a ceramic box from tiffany's i bought to store the ring, it was empty inside so the next picture shows how i made a little pillow for it!! :smile:

    Hope you guys like it!
  2. here are some more pics!
  3. Stunning! Congrats you lucky girl!!
  4. Congrats on your engagement and your beautiful ring:smile:
  5. Gorgeous! Congratulations to you and your fiancee. :smile:
  6. Beautiful ring! My engagement band was from Tiffany. You won't be disappointed!
  7. He got you the ribbon ring! It's soooo gorgeous!!! :yahoo: Congratulations~~!!!!
  8. congrtz! what a pretty pretty ring =)
  9. omg.. the ribbon ring is my DREAM engagement ring! congrats!!
  10. Congrats, I am super excited for you. Your ring is beautiful!!
  11. Gorgeous ring! He has very good taste. Congratulations!!
  12. Congrats!
    Beautiful ring.
    I like the ceramic box. Do they sell those at Tiffany?
  13. Congratulations! What a gorgeous ring...

    Enjoy your engagement!
  14. OMG... Just gorgeous!! I also love the ceramic box it came in.. such a sweet keepsake!

  15. Congratulations on your engagement - and that fabulous ring! At least you know that the man you're going to marry has good taste. :p