He wants to buy me LV but...

  1. Ok all, gotta vent.

    The last time I saw my bf, he noticed me carrying the Damier pochette and said, "Is that LV?" "Yes!" "I could've bought that for you. Why don't you let me buy you one?"...and I came up with something like, "I like to be able to pay for my own things..." which is true.

    Well here's the thing, and it's probly going to sound stupid. We're about a year into this relationship. Prior to that, we were just friends and I remember he used to talk about times that his ex (whom he basically despises) made him buy her LV. That said, I kind of feel uncomfortable with the idea of him buying me LV now. Because then, I'll always think about how he used to buy it for her too. :sad: Am I just being silly?!
  2. No you are not. But if he offers it to you, you did not give him the idea right?Plus if its for certain occasion like bday or valentine or whatever, I think you deserve it.
  3. mich- as long as he is offering, it is lovely.:love: i get the impression the ex expected/demanded LV, and that's not so lovely.:yucky: there in lies the diff, probably. he prob wants to make you happy, i'd let him! :flowers:
  4. Nah, you're not being silly at all. I would say something like "Well if you want to, I'm not forcing you to do it... like a certain someone did." or something like that. I dunno.
  5. Thank you Mick. Yes, I assume she pretty much made him buy her stuff, and I'm not like that at all. I know he wants to make me happy, I guess I just have to get over the past. I'd never want him to compare me to her, that's why I'm being so paranoid.

    Thanks, John. I'll keep that in mind next time :smile:
  6. I think if he offers then you should let him. You aren't forcing him to do anything and there in lies the difference.
  7. I don't think you sound stupid. He said that his last GF "made" him buy her LV?? That's weird. How does one make someone buy anything? Is he the type of person that is too nice? Maybe he should just buy you jewelry instead. :p
  8. Yup, I totally agree with the others.

    If he is OFFERING to buy you an LV then let him.

    He is doing it because HE wants to.

    You are NOT demanding him to do it, unlike the ex was.
  9. Well, I got the impression that he didn't really like to buy her stuff because of his tone. I assume the asking came from her...who knows. But no, he's not "too nice" (pushover) at all...
  10. ^I agree with the others too. Maybe he still has a little bit of a bad experience from the other person. Your relationship is different from his prior. But, it sounds like he really loves you and feel you deserve LV which is why he's offering. Give him the chance to show you how much he cares. Again, he is offering and not like you demand it. That is a gesture of his sincerity.
  11. as long as he's offering, it shouldn't be a problem.
  12. If he offers allow him to buy it for you this once. There is no harm in him wanting to treat you at all. So long as you KNOW that you are not using him for LV bags-------and obviously you are not---there is no problem.
    I can relate to you because I'm a very independent woman even though I am married...lol. I know it's hard to allow someone to do nice things for you sometimes but trust me you will get over it and you'll come to realize you deserve it.
    There are many women who wish they had a husband or boyfriend to VOLUNTEER to buy such an item for them..... Allow him to treat you if he wants to.
  13. awww thank you all :heart: i feel better. i have a wonderful guy.

    we are supposed to go to vegas this weekend! i am dying to visit LV there! :smile:
  14. Take his offer or pass him on to.. someone else. :graucho:

  15. Have a great time babe!!!!

    So sweet of him to offer u an LV bag :smile: