He used my Chanel jumbo as a doorstop and other pictures from my collection.

  1. Make that my small but well loved collection...LOL. I adore each and every bag I buy,I have never sold a bag and I think for a long time before buying something....unless it really grabs me!!

    OK I have boring taste in bags (if it's black,it's good...and I don't like logos,bling or frou frou ,I always choose leather etc.).

    My husband opened all the windows in the flat,allowing the howling gale to run riot. The door slammed,so he went to get a doorstop. Only later did I see what he'd used.


    This is the bag (Chanel jumbo caviar classic flap with SH) and its sister, Chanel anniversary reissue 226 GH.


    Now you are ready to meet the Yves Saint Laurent Sisters...the large Muse and the medium Downtown bags: Both excellent nappy bags,as are a couple of the others :biggrin:.


    My Chloe Bay bag in camel. Pictures don't do this beauty justice.

    My Mulberry Roxy bag:Yummy rich chocolate colour. i am a lousy photographer!


    Tan Chloe Paddington bag: The one that started my addiction.Colour not really true in this pic.

    I should mention that i stuffed all except the Chanel bags. the others would collapse into delicious puddles of buttersoft leather if left to stand unaided!
  2. Love your YSL, congrats!
  3. Thank you...and ooh,my post has finally appeared :wlae:.
  4. Absolute classics.
  5. I love ur YSL bags!! The best!!
  6. Definitely a well-thought and gorgeous collection! :}
  7. LOL @ your husband, Chanel for a doorstop! Your bags are all lovely!
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  8. Love every single one of your GORGEOUS bags!! :love::love:

    A TDF collection.
  9. How gorgeous! All your bags are stunning.
  10. Gorgeous collection!
  11. I thought I recognised the backround of your pics, we're almost neigbours!! Nice collection by the way!!
  12. Every one a winner. Congrats:tup:
  13. Wonderful collection! Found it funny that he used your chanel as a doorstop!
  14. I love your Chloe Bay bag!! The colour's gorgeous, too!
  15. That is too funny , he used it as a doorstop!!! your bags are so gorgeous. They choices are great and so classic. The leather will last forever!