He is LVoe <3


<3 H
May 24, 2007
Sorry this has nothing to do with the actual LVoe colletion, but I guess at least its LV :smile:

I thought the bf was going to totally bomb in the gift dept this year, but he surprised me with a bag :yahoo: To give some background, he is totally opposed to getting me bags because he feels like he can't get me any bags that are "up to my standards". Whenever the subject of getting me a bag came up he'd bring up all my birkins. I'm glad he decided to try though, I'm sooo the happiest girl everrrrr now, and I don't even care if it isn't the most expensive bag in my collection :yahoo: Always the thought that counts in my book :heart:

Sorry for the crap picture quality, unfortunately my ceiling light burnt out and the only thing our condo lacks is spare bulbs!

I :heart: him.


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