He is entertaining the thought of bring me a H surprise from China! YIPEEE

  1. DH has been in China on business for a over a week. I've dropped hints about wanting the Omnibus black and white scarf. Unfortunately, he won't be in Shanghai during the day/early evening so I doubt he would be able to make it to the boutique. He wanted to know if there was a H boutique at the Shanghai/Pudong airport. I did some research but couldn't find out about a duty free store......

    So, can any of my fellow H lovers out there help??

    Is there a H boutique/mini boutique at PVG??
  2. emanu, I don't have the answer to your question...bumping the thread for you! :smile:

    btw, what's PVG?
  3. Gigi, Thank you :smile:

    PVG is the Shanghai-Pudong airport
  4. I have no idea but good luck!!!!
  5. emanu, you're welcome :smile:

    hmm..looks like there is no H duty free at Shanghai airport. I got this from Hermes.com...there is only one store listed in Shanghai. Three in Beijing - one of them is at the airport.

    Hermes Shanghai
    1/F Plaza 66
    1266 Nan Jing Xi Lu
    Shanghai, 200040
    Tel. + 86 (0) 21 6288 0328
    Fax + 86 (0) 21 6288 0327


    Hermes Beijing

    The Peninsula Palace Beijing
    Shop GF-3B, 8 Goldfish Lane, Wangfujing, Beijing
    Tel. + 86 (010) 85 16 28 88 / Ext. 3599
    Fax + 86 10 6526 1737

    Beijing Capital International Airport
    Beijing Airport Duty Free Shop
    PR China 100621
    Tel. + 86 10 64 59 13 72

    China World Trade Center
    Shop L108, level 1, China World Shopping Mall
    N°1 Jianguomenwai Avenue
    Beijing 100004
    Tel. : +86 (0)10 65 05 15 80
    Fax : +86 (0)10 65 05 15 81
  6. Gigi,

    Thank you for your help!!

    Ohhhh :crybaby::crybaby: no Hermes at PVG.....Oh well *BIG SIGH*
  7. emanu, dont be too upset:crybaby:. you will get your scarf some day soon.
  8. if he's still in Shanghai, you can *hint hint* to him to drop by the Shanghai store...no?
  9. There isn't an Hermes at the Shanghai Airport.

    There is only one boutique in Shanghai which gigi leung has furnished....Do ask if he can make it, it is right in the City area!

    Don't be too disappointed! I'm sure you will find your scarf soon!
  10. :yes: Ask him, emanu!!!
  11. He is in Suzhou, so about 90 mins outside of Shanghai. He won't be to Shanghai until late Thurs. Oh well!!
    Que Sera Sera--whatever will be will be..

    I'll just have to call and get the scarf myself....but I loved the idea of it being more of a little gift from him to me.

  12. I'm going to email him and let him know......maybe he might be able to make it.
  13. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! :smile:
  14. Good luck!!! :tup:
  15. good luck !!
    will he be in transit anywhere else ? there is a Hermes store at Singapore CHangi Airport. I got my Omnibus from the Duty free store downtown - so i sld think it's also stocked at the airport !