he he, my little chi has gender issues!

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  1. lol

    My little boy Mr Big, has taken to carrying this pink handbag everywhere with him, if it not in his mouth, he is watching over it, protecting her!

    my poor boy! he is a very confused young man! ;)
  2. Oh he's too cute :heart: . He got his purse love from his momma lol.
  3. awww...he's so cute!! you should post morreee pictures. :smile:
  4. yes, definitely post more pics! I love chihuahuas!
  5. He must have seen the guy on this forum carrying his speedy,you may have a copycat chi on your hands :roflmfao: .Your male chi is adorable even if he does carry a purse.
  6. That's just too cute!!! And his name, Mr. Big ... :p
  7. He's such a cutie pie!
  8. More pics more pics!!
  9. That's adorable! It probably looks like a classy gray bag to Mr. Big, since dogs are fairly color-blind. We had a female who lifted her leg and marked like a male dog!
  10. LMAO my male Chi is the same way!!

    He loooves his "Chewy Vuitton" purse and "Return to Sniffany" toy!!
  11. toooo cute!
  12. ahh, ok, I love to show them off lol

    as requested, more piccies of my ickle ones!

    This is Biba :smile:

    More of Mr Big

    and our Dasch, Lottie
  13. OMG!!! That is the cutest little thing I have ever seen!!!
  14. I love that they are all sleeping together!!
  15. those pics are too cute. i love how they are all accessorized!!! perfection :smile: