He...He... :-) 2 Dior in 4 days

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  1. :yahoo: Yippee!!!! My first 2 Dior bags. LOL, I just start out collect purse since last Sept. and that is when I joined the PF. I started out buying 2 chanel in 1 month. Now, totally into Dior. Love their bags!!!! Just want to share with all of you.
    I have staying up all night til 4am drooling over all of your bags, finally, my first 2 and many more will come, I have a long Dior wishlist.
    Picture 022.jpg Picture 023.jpg Picture 009.jpg Picture 030.jpg Picture 026.jpg
  2. i looove them! where did you buy the frame gaucho? i want one too :/


    the small cambon is v cute too. like a sister to your dior :smile:
  3. beautiful bags! :woohoo: :love:
  4. Thanks!!!! for your comments!!!!

    Pinknyanko, I got the gaucho frame bag from eBay brand new which this seller has a VIP account with diabro and she got it from there. She was very helpful and I was very satisfied with her service.

    MayDay shown this bag in her collection and I was head over heel with her collection, staying up til 4am or 5am and searching and drooling over all these Dior bags. I was very lucky this bag comes at the right time and I got it with a very very good deal.
  5. you have such classic bags... I love your collection! Keep up with your impeccable good taste!
  6. nice bags! your collection is going to grow quickly =)
  7. I luv ur collection and beautiful bags:smile:
  8. The frame gaucho is TDF :nuts: The others are equally very stunning. I want a lady dior sooo bad:drool:
  9. beautiful bags ! :yes:

    i love the lady :heart: :heart:
  10. nice collection! i luv your cambon!
  11. congrats!!
  12. beautiful bags!! tpf is so addicting!! i want dior now too
  13. i like that speed ! :nuts: imagine how great it would be if we all could get 2 bags in 4 days , EVERY four days ! :yahoo:

    uugh sorry tired and sitting at work all the craziest thoughts are coming to my mind :graucho: anyway gorgeous collection, hun , btw cambon is my favourite chanel line ! :drool:
  14. Congratulations! you have a wonderful collection so far
  15. Congratulations! Your collection is fantastic!