He Grew Up...

  1. Remember this kid (Tahj Mowry) from Smart Guy...


    Well time flies cause i couldn't believe it was the same person. I still expected him to be a kid.

    With his mom

    With his mom and sisters

  2. aww he's so cute! but i agree, looks totally diffrent
  3. Thank goodness he grew into those ears!
  4. Oh wow, he turned out to be a very handsome young man.

    Thanks for posting.
  5. whaaaaaaat?
    I see the smart guy airing right now on tv, and I thought it was recent!! :p lol what a shock when I realise he is probably older than ME right now!
  6. He's a cutie pie!!
  7. he's gotta be around the same age as Mary Kate and Ashley, right? he used to guest star on Full House as Michelle's friend, Teddy... wow, time flies! he was such a cute kid. he looks so different now, but he's still adorable. i can't help but think of him as the little kid in that picture!
  8. wow!

    i forgot that was their brother
  9. wow! He looks so different. he did grow into his ears. he is cute!
  10. What a cutie!
  11. I saw the first pictures and was like he hasn't aged at all.... then I scrolled down and WOW!!! He looks so different. I would have never thought that was the same person.
  12. he's cute
  13. I noticed that too.
  14. :nuts: I remember that! That was him? Wow time really does fly.

  15. :yes: :lol: