He does it on his own!

  1. The other day, my husband and I were out walking/shopping, and I said I wanted to go to one of the stores that carries toki. I think I was talking about the shirts that they have there....

    And he says "I went to Urban Outfitters yesterday and looked around..." Looked for tokidoki! Hahaha.

    He all on his own bought me my first minion, too.

    It's funny when they start doing stuff like that...but I love it! :lol: :woohoo:
  2. aw thats sooo sweet of him :biggrin:
  3. That's sweet....
  4. my husband has always gotten into whatever i'm into also. he's also pointed out someone wearing one, when i didn't catch it. i just love him for that..
  5. Awww...your husbands are sooo sweet! My bf is trying to get me to stop now...he thinks I've gone overboard.
  6. Aww! That's so sweet. My bf thinks my tokidoki obsession is too expensive.
  7. that's cool that he's taking part in your interest/obsession! LOL.

    my bf helps me buy my tokidoki when i fall short on cash haha.. but i love it when he wears the adios star shirt and hat i bought him :biggrin:
  8. haha my bf helps me too... I actually bought his bmps because I owed him $$ from tokidoki :p he thinks the shirts are too expensive for him but fine for me... he'd rather get jordan shirts (same prices)
  9. awww how sweet

  10. Hehe my bf can be very supportive when we're "looking" at the bags - he's all mr opnion; "this print looks good on that bag" etc etc
    But when I actually "buy" them he's all :lecture: :noggin:
    (To be fair I do go overboard and splurge... teehehehee :biggrin: )
  11. I'm the same way. It's ok, he'll give an opinion and be supportive until he sees me grab 5+ bags...lol