He did it! GJ (my son) just lost his first tooth!!!

  1. I know, this is SO lame, but my son just lost his first tooth!!!

    He has been working on it for DAYS and he went to bed then about 1/2 an hour later...BAM!!!

    He called for Dad, told us that he lost his tooth, but then he didn't know where it went!!! (We found it in his bed.)

    I am just so FREAKING excited!!! :woohoo: :choochoo::happydance:
  2. That is a mile stone in his life!!!! Congrats to him and you!!!
  3. hahahhaha awww! i lost my first tooth when my sister knocked me over the head with my brownie's handbook! It was sooooo traumatic!! I hope the tooth fairy brings his something fabu!!