HcG levels

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  1. HcG levels Okay so I had my HcG tested every 48hrs for the last week. My first test was 26 which is "an acceptable number". The Doctor was hoping for a 39 from yesterday's test, which would have been a 50% increase in 48hours. I got a 67!!!!!! That is a 158% increase!!! We are only 4.5 weeks along and I know it is early but if your HCG increases that fast, does it mean it could be twins?:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. No not necessarily. I got blood work done 3 days before my expected period and my HcG level was 98. I also got a positive home pregnancy test about 8 days before my expected period . This made me think I was having twins but no it's just one. Your levels are supposed to increase very rapidly at the beginning of the pregnancy and then they will decline and level off as pregnancy progresses. But everyone is different so maybe they are twins! :smile: Keep us posted.
  3. Congrats! :yahoo:

    HCG levels aren't reliable to determine that unfortunately. Some gals see huge increases and have 1 baby and some moms of twins never see that big of an increase.

    When is your 1st U/S?
  4. My first U/S is on 3/2. I know it is only a week but I can't WAIT!!!!! They are doing it early because I had an EP in July. Has anyone invented a time machine yet???? I would love to go ahead in time just one week... make sure everything is good then I would come back. this wait is driving me looney.

    But I guess they say that "morning sickness" (quotes because it is SOOOO not just in the morning) is a good thing and if that is the indicator then so far so good LOL.
  5. congrats! :biggrin:
    i know the wait can be hard, just find ways to keep your mind occupied.
  6. yes, morning sickness is GOOD! Update us when you can!
  7. I forgot to say CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And morning sickness is def a good sign!!!!
  8. Congrats!!! Waiting can be sooo difficult! Morning sickness is a very good sign!!!
  9. Congrats!! I totally understand how waiting is so hard!
  10. congratulations on your pregnancy!

    my HCG levels more than doubled (like quadrupled) in a short amount of time regularly (i was getting checked for the first two months of my pregnancy) and i was carrying a singleton. i never had morning sickness but i do hear that's a great sign.
  11. Yay, congrats to you!!!!!
  12. Congrats!! I thought for sure we were having twins b/c my first beta test was over 400 and the next three more than doubled each time. But at u/s there was only 1 very implanted embryo.

    Best of luck for an easy pregnancy!
  13. Congrats!

    Rule of thumb is BHCG doubles each day. :smile:
  14. Thank you for all the well wishes, this site has been a great source for me. I will update as often as I can :smile:
  15. Just to let people who DONT have morning sickness know I have 3 girls and NEVER felt sick once ..So dont worry if you dont have it as some of my friends had MS and went on to lose the pregnancy ..I think every one is different and we have to remember alot of people may now be worried if they are not feeling sick...!!!ALL pregnancies are different none are right or wrong..!Enjoy this time OP as it will fly by..!!