HCG? Anyone do this diet?

  1. Congrats on your weight loss! I found this thread and had to post.

    I recently found the HCG drops that you put under your tongue and I ended up buying some. I started today..

    The first 3 days you take the drops and eat like a pig. You're supposed to eat everything in site. After those 3 days you eat the 500 calories for the next 18 days. I want to try and go for the 40 day challenge with the HCG, but I think I can only do it for 21 days. Right now I am 167lbs and hope to lose about 30-40lbs. I am hoping that once I lose this I can start to eat healthier and maintain my weight. I'll keep everybody posted to let you know how it goes. Has anybody else tried the HCG drops?
  2. so strange...I just searched the boards because a relative called me about these today. I had never heard of them. I guess the one she's taking is called HCG but does not actually have the hormone in it. She did say they were drops though. She says she's lost 8 pounds so far (in a little over a week) so obviously I am very interested. Also says the 500 cal a day diet was really hard the first three days but after that she hasn't really been that hungry.
    I bought them too today so will keep you posted on how it goes.
  3. 500 calories/day for 18 days?? I hope you've consulted a doctor about such a diet, so someone with a professional degree in medicine can tell you how unhealthy that is.
  4. All of these fad diets are complete disasters for the body.

    One of my favorite moments last year was when I had a male pt coming to me who was taking hcg.
  5. I am also doing this and it's awesome. Many people won't agree with it, but so many people have had such amazing results and I am more than willing to sacrifice my food for 20-40 days to drop 20-30lbs!
  6. Well of course people get results. You're cutting your caloric intake by at least half, and in most cases, by a third. The point is, it's not healthy to eat 500 cals/day for an extended period of time. But hey, if you're willing to sacrifice your health for a few pounds, go ahead.
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    Sorry, but this whole HCG diet sounds like a HORRIBLE idea. Yeah, if you starve yourself, you'll lose weight, duh. That is the opposite of the healthy way to do it-ever heard of a moderate diet (~1500 cals/day, low carb, lots of protein/fruits/veggies) and exercise? Sheesh, people are always looking for the easy way out...

    You're also going to lose any muscle mass as well-when the body starves, it will conserve the fat and turn to burn muscle. This is NOT good for your body-a healthy diet and continual exercise program is! Read this:


    ...HCG is known to cause headaches, blood clots, leg cramps, temporary hair thinning, constipation, and breast tenderness. Ohhh blood clots (which can be fatal), hair thinning (also a side effect of anorexia and starvation, so a double whammy with the HCG and starving yourself-SWEET!) and headaches...where or where do I sign up for this awesome diet?! :rolleyes:
  8. ^^I thought the part about not being able to walk up stairs or lift her legs was kinda scary!

  9. That's what I don't get - doing it for health is obviously a terrible idea and doesn't make much sense. Doing it for vanity from a logical/rational perspective makes 0 sense also. If looks matter so much then why give up food for 3 weeks when you can not give up food but modify your lifestyle and be in the best shape of your life/look amazing ?

    Not trying pass judgement for those of you who are doing it, just want to maybe encourage healthy weight loss instead.
  10. Yeah, not many people agree with the diet. While this isn't really healthy, being over weight isn't healthy either. People are entitled to their own opinion and I have no problem with that.
  11. Doesn't eating less than 1000 cals/day really mess up your metabolism? I've heard that if you eat less than that your body actually gains weight. If you mess with your body long enough, your metabolism can be screwed up for the rest of your life, even if you've gone back to eating healthy.
  12. Or, I have a idea...how bout you just change your lifestyle up. Eat better and workout. Lookie there! You lose weight AND stay healthy. Crazy, huh?

    And this isn't about opinions. It's about facts. This diet is not healthy. FACT.
  13. The worst part about it is that it doesn't seem sustainable. You lost weight by cutting your caloric intake but what you have learned ? You still are back to square one - not knowing what proper portions for you are to maintain/loose weight, not knowing how to eat healthy in the first place, not knowing how to properly feel when your body is hungry vs. eating for leasure, unless right after the diet you drastically modify your lifestyle. It's kind of like liposuction - people loose weight allright but unless you are willing to make changes and educate yourself nothing is going to happen in the long run and you will gain all the weight back.

    What's going to happen when you go back to your 1500-2000 calorie diet ?