HC Phoebe...it's LOVE!

  1. I don't think I've ever been so excited to open a box but finally got home last night and there it was waiting for me... I'm as happy with it as I hoped to be (thanks to all the bag twins who were able to share their experiences!) and it was truly love at first sight!

    I wasn't sure about a wallet so had put a Madison Slim Envelope on hold in plume but as soon as I opened her I realized my Legacy Ostrich Soft Wallet in orchid would be a perfect compliment (and also gives me an opportunity to give it some more love!).

    Tags were removed and I immediately moved right in and she's already made her first outing in the perfect fall sunshine! Sorry my pictures don't do her justice but thanks for letting me share!
    photo1.JPG photo2.JPG
  2. So nice - especially love the tassels! Congrats! :smile:
  3. Whoa! Nice!
  4. Really pretty! Congrats!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats :smile:
  6. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations! (And I am obsessed with your ostrich wallet!!!)
  7. The bag is stunning. The tassels are pretty. Congrats.
  8. I can't tell from your pics .. is that black or black violet leather?
  9. Thanks! One was a little awry when I opened it so I was a little concerned but everyone straightened right out :smile:
  10. Sorry the sun is really streaming in today but I couldn't wait to snap her pics!

    t's the espresso haircalf and both the HC and leather are a really deep rich chocolate brown.

  11. Thanks everyone! This is one that still has me smiling!
  12. Thanks! I bought the ostrich wallet and clutch during one of the last PCEs, sight unseen, and was actually very pleasantly surprised by how much I really loved the set!
  13. Thanks! I think this is one of my first tassel'd bags and I like!
  14. Showstopper!
  15. stunning. :cool: Bag twins! :smile: