HBO's Girls debuting on April 15th

  1. It must be a generational thing. I went to an all girls school and nothing like this ever took place. I think it is a reflection of Dunham's wish to show these characters warts and all and with no pretenses.
  2. like, i'm a complete spoiled brat by many standards. my parents pay for everything i have. and my apartment. and my car. and my clothes. the characters come across as being bratty to me.
  3. I liked the second episode more than the pilot. I did laugh at quite a few lines. The target audience seems to be very specific though. I am a couple years older than these girls and although I don't relate to any one of them in particular, I can relate to being a single 20-something who is in that stage of not being a teen but not feeling like a fully responsible adult.
  4. I thought this one was a little better too.
  5. I haven't watched it yet, but it is saved on my DVR. Unfortunately this airs during Celebrity Apprentice!
  6. Seriously though, do girls worry about "The stuff that gets up around the sides"??
  7. ^ Well, now I do :p No, not really.

    I'm very much enjoying the show so far. It feels realistic, which is rare, IMO.
  8. I think that's just Hannah...who I don't particularly like. I don't know if I'm supposed to come away from these two episodes thinking that Hannah is absolutely awful, because I do.
  9. That's what I'm getting. I'm thinking they're building up a slight pity/hate thing with Hannah and eventually she's going to hit rock bottom and start to figure things out. Hopefully, cause really, I can only take so much of displays of stupid people.
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    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it just yet. Nothing has screamed out to me to keep watching, but I will definitely DVR it and watch it as I find time. It had a few LOL moments, but aside from that I found it a bit TOO quirky for my tastes.

    I wish it was an hour. I have a huge problem connecting with these 25 minutes tv shows. Maybe that's the problem. I just don't know.

    I think I enjoy the character Shoshanna the most. Zosia Mamet is a really funny girl in every role she plays. I can see her really going places.

    Yes, perhaps young teenagers who are just starting to explore sex, and maybe haven't taken "health" class yet. But somebody Hannah's age? SO Doubtful. She seems like she's supposed to be portraying an intelligent girl but lacking all common sense!! I really don't like her!
  11. It's an interesting show, and Hannah intrigues me as a character. She's deeply flawed, and she gets in her own way so much that it's hard to sympathize with her at times, but I don't dislike her. That seems to be a trend among a lot of shows right now: having anti-heros or no heros among the primary characters. Sort of like Breaking Bad, Shameless, Dexter, Californication, and to some extent, Mad Men.
  12. That's how I'm feeling, too. I like to give new shows two or three episodes (because pilots are always kind of about throwing in everything and the kitchen sink), but I can only take so much if I find the lead to be absolutely awful.

    I agree somewhat. Of the shows you listed, I watch Mad Men, and I would call Don Draper supremely flawed, but there is something to him that I find compelling enough to keep coming back. Pete is also a very flawed character on that show, and I actually would say he's the one whose story I enjoy watching the most. I don't know if I'm getting that with Hannah, though.

    Yeah, I didn't quite get her sudden obsession with the "stuff that gets up around the sides." Let's say that Hannah lost her virginity at 15, she's got nearly 10 years of sex under her belt, enough so that she makes sure that Adam uses a condom every time they have sex. And even if she waited until college to first have sex, that's still a lot of years for her to suddenly start worrying about what she was worrying over. It was eye-roll worthy, if you ask me.
  13. i want to watch this but no so sure after some of the responses in here.
  14. I've read quite a few negative reviews and I don't disagree with most of them. Although, I'm intrigued by the show and dry humor is my thing. So, I'm going to give the show a chance.

    The opening scene of the first episode was hysterical to me and brought back a moment in my life after I graduated from college (ages ago). I swear that I tried to use that same line with my parents "I'm a good kid. Why don't you want to support me? You should appreciate that I'm not on drugs or something." I rewound that scene a few times and had a great reminiscent laugh. It didn't work on my parents either. Don't judge me. I have a friend that would call that "first world problems." Haha.
  15. Exactly! It's like when I hear people say "My car's a piece of crap, I need a new one" and they drive a 2006 Camry or something. Kids are starving in China, right?