HBO's Girls debuting on April 15th

  1. I watched it and I think that the previews may have presented this show differently. I am still going to try and check it out next week. I think it is about a different generation (I am in my 30s also). I don't think my family would be happy about me living in the city on their dime. I'd be doing something called moving back home. Ha!
  2. A friend of mine sent me this image lol

  3. Hmm, I recognize the band Bad Company and Brian Williams. His daughter is very pretty!
  4. I didn't think it was funny funny, but I def got the point. And I agreed with it. The main character is too scared to do anything remotely risky or anything that will upset anyone enough so they might not like her. Still can't understand that when a guy never calls you, that it really means he doesn't want to date you. The friend who thinks her life is Sex and the City, cause we all know that's pure fantasy. The friend who travels like it's her career. These are all spoiled little girls, and I'm hoping that this show will illustrate the problems that come with such. And yes, I think a lot of young girls are like the girls on this show.
  5. Is this suppossed to be a reality show or a series??? Heard Barbara Walters gripping about it yesterday.
  6. It's a series. I thought it was billed as a comedy but maybe it is more comedy in the vein of dry humor??

    I guess if I could get over how annoying they all are I might be able to watch it. It is a very sad world we are living in if this is a reflection of real life. No way in hell would my parents be supporting my *** while living in NYC working for no pay for two years.

  7. Thanks Buzzy and I guess I'll check it out.:p
  8. I will probably get some flack for this, but I notice that a lot of early/mid twenties are like this nowadays. They seem to be cynical as all get out with very little imagination. Honestly, I think it is a product of the education system and the fact that very little in school budget dollars go to programs supporting fine arts. I don't even think it's their fault....they are just a product of their environment. The girls on this show and the couple of dudes remind me of those kids.
  9. we need anymore depressing shows. At least SATC made me laugh...
  10. I had trouble understand their speech patterns. Actually was interested enough to Google the actress/creator Lena Dunham. She has been very successful for a 25 year old. Of course I loved seeing parents who finally said NO to a child. That was refreshing.
  11. do you remember what she said? I'm curious as to her opinion.
  12. She was gripping about the sex and how the girls were being portrayed.
    and that is was no sex and the city type of show.
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    I liked the premiere. Some of it fell a bit flat for me, but I think it has potential. I'm 24 (as of today :p) and the situations and conversations felt familiar.

    I do think it was a bit harsh of Hannah's parents to abruptly cut her off financially. She seems to lack guidance/motivation/initiative (pick one or all three) to find a paying job (or was too optimistic about the internship) but still, when there's rent due, you at least give a person some warning.
  14. I disagree - it is called tough love. She's 24, so let's say she graduated on time at 22. That's 2 years of living in your "own", not making any money and expecting to live in an apartment in NYC. If I couldn't pay my rent, I'd be living at my parents' house!
  15. I loved it. Very dry humor. Very relatable for some girls in this generation (especially struggling in the City.) My SIL and her friends all live(d) in NYC and are trying to find themselves.. they are tortured artists trying to figure out there place in life while reconciling their parent's (and society's) expectations of them. It was pretty spot on for the specific group of young women that I know personally. I know it won't be relatable to everyone though.