HBO's Cathouse

  1. I can't BELIEVE this isn't a topic yet!

    Okay, favorite bunnies / favorite episodes?

    For regular bunnies, I like Isabella, Danielle, Max, Karla, Shelly Dushell, Monica Morris, Sunset and Daisy.

    (For bunnies you only really saw in one episode, I like Violet Blue and Jocelyn and Crystal.)

    My favorite episode is the seventh one, "No Sex, Please." (It's the fetish one. I STILL can't get over how that guy wanted girls in spiked heels to walk all over him! It's crazy!)

    I love how during the little seminars, the instructor would say something incredibly filthy and then go, "Isn't that fun?"
  2. You must watch this alot Caitlin!! You know all the bunnies! LOL
  3. What in the world is this show?!!? lol I came in here thinking it was that one where they film cats just playing around the house hahahaha kinda like Meerkat Manor!
  4. This show is like... real world with prostitutes.. yet I can't stop watching it...

    Though, the post-op transexual guy whatever... that episode kind of fraeked me out...

    I like Max.

    and Airforce Amy is out of her friggin gourd.
  5. ^ Alright, I must see this! :lol:
  6. It's like, porn with drama and cattiness mixed in. They're not just hookers, they're hookers with a 'TUDE!
  7. Me and my b/f watched this last season.. He likes Isabella, I like Max.
  8. I liked isabella too! LOL You can go to the website its only if you are over 18! LOL
  9. i saw this show for the first time last nite.


    why is this thread so lonely?

    I guess not everyone has HBO!

  10. It's like a pornographic sorority house!

  11. haha. it sureee is!

    hwo often does it come on?

    we just got HBO put in!!

  12. I don't get HBO anymore but a new series is supposed to start soon.

    (And sometimes it comes on HBO On Demand.)

    Here's HBO's page on Cathouse.
    HBO: Cathouse: The Series
  13. hi,
    i have no idea how i found this forum but it's pretty cool to read what you guys think. though i now work at the wild horse ranch it was a fun time over there.
    take care!

  14. Does anyone know when this is on in Canada? I haven't caught any episodes since I moved from AZ.
  15. I am so hooked on this show. It's trashy but oh so entertaining. I like Airforce Amy, Isabella Soprano, and Sunset Thomas. Can't think of one particular episode that's my favorite, but that's because I find it all so entertaining. I haven't seen any recent episodes though. Is it on rerun right now?