HBO Film - the Temple Grandin Story - must see!

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  1. I watched this with my husband and 14 year old son last night and we all thought it was absolutely fantastic.

    I had just read about Temple Grandin yesterday on one of my horse forums but didn't know anything about her up until then.

    She was born autistic and has become a pioneer for autism and for making the cattle industry more humane. I don't want to give too much away since its so worth watching.

    Needless to say - one of the most moving movies I've EVER seen and the acting was extraordinary.
  2. I saw the ending and have to go back and see the entire thing. What I saw was awesome and Claire Danes is fantastic!
  3. it really was so moving and she is such an inspiration - i was awestruck
  4. I have an uncle with special needs and this story really touched me. I loved it. "Different, but not less" is so true, and it's so sad that many people out there don't see that also. She had great people in her life who loved and encouraged her. Such an awesome story.

    I missed the very begining, so I will have to catch it again.
  5. Great movie, very well written and acted.

    I think Oprah had Temple on her show once, it was a year or so ago, and she was a very impressive woman. She is autistic, and I believe she is also a college professor? Correct me if I am wrong...
  6. you are correct - she has a masters and doctorate
  7. We just watchied this the other night and it was a great movie!!! Very inspiring and Claire Danes was terrific in it.
  8. I have this on my DVR and need to watch it.
  9. Watched the whole thing last night and it was an amazing story. This is a side to autism that I had never seen. She is totally at the the high end of highly functioning autistic people. Sadly, one of my friends had a daughter that was at the lowest end. She did need to be institutionalized because she was so uncontrollable as she got older. She died at age 11 of pneumonia. It was terrible.

    There was a show on many years ago with a young autistic man as a character. It was a wonderful show. Patti Lupone played the mother.
  10. If you read Temple's book or ever get to hear her speak, she was actually very low functioning as a child, but because her family (especially her mother) pushed her, she ended up being so highly functioning. The movie touches on it a little bit.
    Claire Danes did a great job. She had Temple's mannerisms and speech pattern down perfectly. I bet she gets an Emmy nod for this.
    I am so sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. That is so sad.
    Oh and are you talking about the show Life Goes on? With Patty Lupoe and Kelly Martin? The main character had trisomy 21(Down Syndrome). He wasn't autistic.
  11. I wanted to watch it, hopefully HBO will do a re-run of it!

    I have a high-functioning Autistic nephew whom DH and I love to pieces.

    I def. want to see it, and I'm glad it's getting rave reviews from you guys!
  12. yes this was on when I got up this morning so I missed some of the beginning. Really good movie though!