HBO Entourage Chanel sighting - Help

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I saw this really cute bag on episode 49 (season 4, episode7) and just gotta have it! The bag was beige/blush in a boat shape, with a small flat over the front and silver C's.
    For the people that watches this show, Sloane (Eric's ex-girlfriend) is carrying the bag when she bumps into Eric at a poolside.
    Anyway, I can't seem to find a picture of it (will try to find one and post it), but if anyone happened to see this episode and knows which bag I'm talking about, please help me identify this lovely item.
  2. I saw that episode too...but I've never seen that bag before. It was cute though.
  3. At first I thought it was from the Diag CC ligne, but I couldn't get a clear view of the front side of the bag.

    ITA - It was a cute bag. Probably from a couple years back but not vintage.
  4. The wardrobe on Entourage is TO DIE FOR!!!!:yes:

    Did you see the last episode where Mrs Ari is mad at Ari and is grudge-shopping? Carrying her Chanel bag and buying EVERYTHING she sees?????

    I was DYING! My husband was getting very nervous!:sweatdrop:
  5. I love that show!!!
  6. I'm pretty sure the bag was one from s/s 07. I don't remember exactly but I remember noticing it when the episode aired. I'll take a look on On Demand when I get home tonight.
  7. Hmm I Got To Tune In
    What Station ? Date And Time Does It Air ?
  8. haha! my SO was watching it while i was doing something else, and he yelled for me to come watch because he saw Sloane's chanel and wanted me to see it! :lol: Its a really cute bag, pity i have no idea which season its from :sad:
  9. We saw this bag on the last episode of entourage and can't figure out which Chanel bag this is.

    Its the black purse in teh background next to the Chanel box.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    It looked like a black quilted bag, but i couldn't tell for sure.

  10. It almost looks like the black kelly bag, but I am not quite sure.
  11. Its almost like a tote but zippers from one side of the bottom to the other side :sad:
  12. Could you tell me how or where did you get the picture? I'm also looking for a chanel bag aired on another episode of Entourage. I tried everywhere and couldn't find a picture of that bag.

  13. the Expandable zips around the base.
  14. I have a bag from this ligne- they just recently started making them again.
    I have the small tote- this is the boston/bowler bag..
    Beautyliscios has a bag from this ligne she recently bought
  15. I love Entourage and this past episode had me cracking up with all the Chanel boxes and the bag she was wearing haha.