Hazelnut woven large hobo at NM

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  1. hello

    i grabbed this one on NM at $10xx


    size is large. the color appears a bit shiny like matte gold on photo, but the rep said it's hazelnut. i called local BV store but the SA doesn't have any idea on what this color is. :confused1: do you gals know? is this a good color to go year around??

  2. billbill, I find the photo on NM is rather misleading. From the description, it sounds like Noce as it’s commonly known as hazelnut. However, Noce does not demonstrate such golden sheen in the brown. Could be just bad photo/lighting. Noce is a good year round colour.
  3. To me it looks like the color is digitally edited, like they had another bag of the same type and just changed the color on the photo instead of taking a new pic.
  4. thanks all. just wanna let you know that i just cancel my order. visited the shop tonight and found the color is not that appealing to me. i guess it'll show up on nm site soon.. cheers
  5. Thanks for canceling your order, I just purchased this bag. I'ver never spent this much on a bag before, so I'm a little freaked out. I've been wanting this large hobo for years, and I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I noticed that the regular price ones have gone up from $1630 to $1860, so I figured I better grab one while I can.
  6. Awwww...kiss_p you beat me to it -- I called right after you! Anyway, congratulations! And, thank you to billbill for giving us all a heads up!
  7. I just checked and there's another one out there at NM's site.
  8. Wow, sigh...not any more -- BV sure doesn't stay up long when it's on sale! Thanks, though kiss_p!
  9. at 6:37, the bag reappeared. Just checked. ladies hurry up!
  10. Catabie! Thank you! I just ordered it! If not for you, I never would have rechecked!

  11. congratz! glad to help. now you just have to post pics once you receive that beauty. :tup:
  12. I will Catabie! Thank you so much again; you made my day, or should I say year! :smile:
  13. Actually, a BIG thank you to everyone on this thread. That's what I call TPF teamwork! I want to see everyone's pics, especially yours billbill when you find your perfect BV bag!
  14. Congrats kiss_p and valkyrie!! NM sale is how I got my Large Noce Veneta too!! You'll love this baby, it wears well with so much.
  15. valkyrie360
    congratulations on getting your new bag. :tup: i too get my love from the help of tpf members here and so i'll help whenever i can. i got bags of similar shades so i let it go.. hope you like the bag, post pic when you get it. :yahoo: