Hazelnut Rosewood...

  1. I saw a picture of a Rosewood in hazelnut on tPF. I've been watching eluxury for about 2 months now and they don't have hazelnut as an option for the Rosewood:confused1:

    My question is, did they only release a small batch of this bag in hazelnut and now it no longer exists? Even so, if that color had sold out it would still be an option on the LV website. I'm confused.

    Any info on this bag would be great. Thank you!

    Here is the picture. Posted by Noe Noelie
  2. I'm confused. I didn't know there was a hazelnut rosewood. maybe it's a perle rosewood with very bad lightning?

    I thought the only options were perle, pomme and amarante:confused1:
  3. ^check out the pic...I'm positive it's not perle. Definately hazelnut or noisette.
  4. Anyone? If I can get ahold of this bag I'd love to have it! If not, I'll go for amarante:yes:
  5. that is interesting. I too, was almost positive that the Rosewood came in only 3 colors: perle, amarante, pomme. The Rosewood came out of June 2007, so i thought noisette would have been discontinued by then...but i guess it was only out for an extremely short time...
  6. Is it new color? PErhaps LV released rosewood in noisette, too? I saw rosewood here in pomme and amarante only ( sorry don't know about violette, I've not visit LV store yet ).
  7. That's the only post that bag has been mentioned in. That's weird for tPF!
  8. I think it's either a fake or in bad lighting- I'm nearly 100% sure LV didn't release the Rosewood in noisette. It had definitely been discontinued when the bag first came out.
  9. [​IMG]

    It's hard to tell from the pic- in any case I still don't think LV made a noisette Rosewood.
  10. ^I agree with you. I thought it was kinda weird that this bag was only mentioned once in this forum. Nothing is ever mentioned just 1 time on tPF:nogood:
  11. hm.. pm the OP & ask? i think that's what's best, because it seems like it's turned into a 'fake or not?' guessing game IMO.
  12. I don't think it's a fake but just really bad lightening...
    I asked in store which colours were available and they didn't say noisette... It is a really strange pic though (not saying it's a fake!!)
  13. I've been told by my SA that they are discontinuing Vernis Noisette.
    The new violet is like the "replacement".
    So like all the others said, I don't think LV make a Rosewood in noisette. :smile: