Hazelnut Market Tote is a keeper!

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  1. Just got my package from Luna Boston & I love it! Works very well as a shoulder bag and the scarf is too cute. I feel like I should be riding my bicycle to a Parisian market!

    Sorry no pics-- maybe later. If anybody is thinking about a Market Tote i recommend it:heart:
  2. I love this tote and the hazelnut color congrats!
  3. Yay! I'm glad you love it! I adore mine (its in Dusty, though). What can you tell me about the leather and the color? Is the leather textured and/or glazed at all?
  4. not sure if this helps but I have the MAB in hazelnut and it is a great color the leather is glazed so it won't get marked up or dirty it is perfect for an everyday bag and I think with age it will only get better.
  5. It's slightly glazed maybe a little less than the Tangerine.It's much softer than Tangerine & collapses more when empty. The texture is very finely pebbled. I think it will wear well!
  6. Jenny...please post pics if you can! I really want a Market Tote ...but want to see it irl. Hazelnut sounds like a gorgeous color,too!

  7. Also, is the leather soft? stiff?

  8. I want to see pics YAY
  9. Here are pics of my MAB Hazelnut ...

    Attached Files:

  10. ^that hazelnut is gorgeous. too bad LB sold out of the mini.
  11. I'll try to post some tomorrow.

  12. Thank you Mama22Boys! I love the color..gorgeous!!

    Now, I have to see the Market Tote in that color! No rush,Jenny:flowers:

  13. That hazelnut MAB is beautiful. I haven't seen the MA bags in the flesh and I swear I cannot tell which size to get. But that bag is a beaut.

    And I suspect that the Market Tote is for me as well. Pics! Pics!!

    (I feel like a drunk guy online, begging women to send nekkid pictures)
  14. Congrats! I love the Hazelnut shade and love the Market Tote - though I don't have either in my collection(but hope to in the future)!