Hazelnut Houston or Amarante Houston?

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  1. I already have the pomme houston....but I would love to have the amarante houston too. Are these bags too much alike? If so, I wouldn't mind getting the hazelnut.

    Should I go with amarante or hazelnut?
  2. Amarante got my vote. I love the look...and the color is so damn delicious.
  3. I would go for the amarante.
  4. amarante!!! i personally don't like the hazelnut colour at all..
  5. Thanks^ I think the only problem I'm having is that the difference between pomme and amarante looks like 2 different shades of red...therefore, very similar in color. I think I might need to see amarante in person to make that decision.

    I'm going LV crazy lately:nuts: I want 25 different bags, and I want them now!:lol:
  6. The amarante is so gorgeous!!! :drool:
  7. No way, I have the beige and framboise Houstons lol...get the Amarante, it's GORGEOUS (I have the Brentwood in that color).
  8. Another Amarante vote here!!! :tup:
  9. MY mom has the Amarante Houston and it's gorgeous.
    Very interestingly delightful color
  10. Amarante for sure.. but be ready for fingerprints!
  11. Amarante is beautiful; it really looks more black than another red IMO. Hazelnut looks like mud.
  12. I have the hazelnut and it is very BLAH!! (Wish i could return it, but too late) Amarante would be my choice.
  13. The amarante is really beautiful and not similar to the pomme at all.
    The pomme is a rich candy apple color while the amarante is more of a black cherry/wine color.
  14. Oh definitely AMARANTE!!! Such a luscious color!!!:smile:
  15. Amarante! we're making this pretty easy for you aren't we? haha