Hayworth Bag

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  1. Does anyone have the Hayworth bag and, if so, do you like??? It looks alot like the Bayswater, but the closure is different. I do like the fact that it is lined with a middle pocket. Thanks !!! You ladies are all so helpful! I have no store to look at as I am in the States and no one carries these bags.
  2. ok,I have been watching your post on and off all day,and though I can't immediatley help,I have an idea(was hoping someone may have found a pic for you by now!) I'm really **** on this whole computer lark,and I was tryin to find what a Babington looked like,never heard of it before,and one of the ladies,incredibly generously took the time to look on e-bay and found one for me to look at!! How lovely was that! Anyway,crap old me has no idea how to do that and post links and things etc,but I have seen your lonely post all day and just wanted to try and offer you something!!

    Just HOW bloody rubbish am I? Have a look on e-bay,I'm so sorry its the best I can offer up,OR try ringing a Mulberry shop and see if they know what it is and what it could look similar to,so you have a little more of an idea to go on.Hope this helps a bit.xxxxxxxx
  3. Thanks for the reply. I, too can not post pics. Oh well, Sholm22 has 1 for sale that I bid on and its a nice looking bag. Just wondering if anyone actually had one and if they liked it!! It has a postman closure but is actually open. I don't think that will be a problem for me,. though. I probably won't win as there are still 5 days left on the bidding. So I am either going to go for a Bayswater or Somerset tote (better price!)
  4. I follwed a thread Tara put in and the Hayworth is lovely,I nearly said Hayswater as I was just reading your post above!!Duh!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hey Chaz, Let the Hayworth go, as she put up a black Bayswater! That one I am not letting go. That's really the one I wanted anyway. Getting it through Ebay UK is a deal as our dollar seems to be worthless and the bags are soo high!

    Wish I could talk DH in letting me fly over for the shopping trip!!! I can't think of anything that I haven't bribed him with lately though!!!
  6. Mmmmmmmm,thats got me wondering about shipping costs from the UK,if I found you a bargain in a UK outlet,would that work out any cheaper? Or I am I not getting the exchange rate the right way round,with the current position on the dollar would it still be expensive on your dollar against UK sterling?
    The Babington I got was £416,reduced from £595,with a tin of collonil and postage it came to about £425-ish,I can't remember to the penny as I was so giddy about looking at my new bag!!!Would that be a viable option for you? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. I am bidding on a Bayswater from Sholm and the shipping will cost me about $40.00. I thought that I had read that the outlet won't ship to the US. If I were to order from a Mulberry store here , the Bayswater is $995.00. So when I win the Ebay , I will be getting a good deal at under $700.00. The exchange rate is really bad for us. I keep looking at Expedia for trips, but am waiting for the rates to get better! Your Babington would cost me about $875.00. Still a better deal, though!