Haymarket Tote or Large Nova Check Bag

  1. Need some help! I'm still debating which one to keep...

    Haymarket tote or Large Nova Check bag??
    Is the Nova check PVC harder to maintain than the haymarket canvas??




    I'm afraid to wear the Nova Check one cuz I don't want to get it dirty. Is it REALLY that dirt-attracting??
  2. i`d go for the haymarket tote. its easier to maintain plus its made in italy.

    i own the small nova check bag, its very pretty and i love it but the dye transfer really bugs me. it happened a few times when i wore jeans, thankfully with baby wipes the dye would disappear but not 100%. i never had this problem before with my other bags, just this PVC material. :sad:
  3. I also prefer the Haymarket- seems more elegant.
  4. True...for almost the same price it's better to have something made in Italy. I like the size of the big tote, but I'm really "good" at attracting stains of my bag. I wish I can get both!
  5. Haymarket looks much richer...there's just more more to it!
  6. tote
    haymarket doesnt look as cute in person
  7. really? not as striking in person? i was planning to sell my small nova tote for the haymarket, as im a little bit disappointed with the quality of the nova. guess i have to see the actual bag first.
  8. I'd say Novacheck all the way. I love mine, and I've never had a problem with dye transfer or it getting dirty. Plus, the PVC wipes clean if you happen to, say, spill diet coke all over it (which I may or may not do on a regular basis).
  9. Haymarket tote.
  10. I think the haymarket tote style looks better, but I wish the nova check pattern is on it. It looks like the prices are higher than before...was the haymarket tote from summer only 350??

    Still undecided....haha...
  11. Go for the HAYMARKET!!! its worth the money than the nova check
  12. nova check looks way better!