haylie duff's dress

  1. no but it's right up my alley....:love:
  2. I dont think I like it, it looks kind of cheap , I am just wondering who the designer is because I like the concept.
  3. I LOVE the pink color, but as a dress it looks a little too Victoria's Secret underwear-like to me... and that's not a good thing.
  4. Hmm, I'm not feeling it.
  5. I like it.
  6. wow, who can see past the nose? aren't there lots of plastic surgeons in hollywood? save on the dress, splurge on the nose!
  7. I think it's tasteless!! Looks like hooker underwear 2 me.
  8. Lmao
  9. On her it does, but I could see someone like myself being able to wear it.
  10. if it were in a grey instead of the pink the dress would look way more chic.. for a 21st birthday i think its understandable... i think it may be a bob mackie bintage piece for the 80's.. its a guess...
  11. Something about her nose bothers me... :blink: Hilary is so much prettier!!
  12. You know, Haylie Duff looks like the mom in "Married with Children" . . . I think her name is Katey Sagal (or something like that).
  13. haha i detest her nose and i think she should get a nose job.I like hillary duff's earrings..lovely..
  14. ^^^:lol: werd!
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