Hayley Large Tote

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  1. Does anyone have the Hayley Large Tote? MK's website says that it's exclusive to MK stores and the MK website until 4/31/16. Here's the link http://www.michaelkors.com/hayley-large-tote/_/R-US_30S6GH3T7V?No=7&color=1543
    It resembles the famous Louis Vuitton Neverfull but is a fraction of the price. I've been looking for a work tote and had contemplated on the LV Neverfull but can't seem to get over the fact that with time and use the handles start to crack as well as the top trim. If i'm going to spend that kind of money i'd want something that's going to last. I was browsing the MK website and saw the Hayley tote which has me very intrigued. Unfortunately my closest MK doesn't have this tote in store. I'd love to see actual pictures.
  2. Wow, exact same situation here! I discovered it last night on their website and am also considering the never full.. not quite sure I want to spend that type of money on a tote, though. Following!
  3. I have the Izzy and the Mae and they are by far they best totes I've ever had. Very nice leather, reversible and great size. I have several colors in each and it's a very light bag even fully loaded. Love these, just ordered the Navy on sale on the MK website.
  4. Im also in the same boat! Wanted a neverfull and actually bought a preowned and had to return because it smelled terribly of cigarettes and the seller didnt tell me! I would like to know what this bag looks like and how big it looks on the body!

  5. would you mind adding picture of how it looks on tour shoulder and maybe compare!
  6. I had also purchased a preowned DE neverfull but returned it. Couldn't get over the fact that the straps were a little cracked and the top leather trim was fading in two spots. I had been saving to buy a new neverfull but can't seem to get over all the issues I might encounter like cracked handles, fading on the leather trim.
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    Same!!! If Im going to spend my well earned money I want to spend it on something durable and not something Im going to be worrying about all the time! the LV monogram the vachetta leather patinas and you have to be careful with getting spots on the leather And then the DE had all the cracking on the straps and trim! can deal with all that! Thats why I want to decide if i should get the MK tote but I always go to youtube for reviews and there are none! 🤔 Hopefully people posts pics soon!
  8. This is too funny because that's exactly how I feel about the neverfull. I keep stalking youtube for videos on the hayley tote but no luck yet :lol:
  9. MK website says it has a crossbody strap? Seems like a really big bag to have one. I had a GM Neverfull I had to sell and still regret it, total workhorse of a bag and I never babied it. MK had a bag a couple years back similar to this but the strap length was a little too short and I have been looking ever since.

    Please keep us up to date if you get it or a model pic! No store by me has it in stock:nogood: