Hayden's Eyes

  1. I just love how she did her eyes in this picture. Does anyone know how to replicate this? What kind of eye liner does that look like...liquid or powder on the bottom or the top too? I have such a high arch and plenty of space between my lid and eyebrow and this is perfect.

  2. It's hard to tell from that picture, do you have a closer shot of her eye? It looks like she has a darker smokey color on the outside of her lid, and a frosty light color on the inner corner of the lid. On the bottom I think her waterline is lined with white eyeliner (a trick models use to make their eyes pop) and a dark brown eyeliner smudged under that
  3. What SPOILEDkiwi said, and I think she's wearing falsies too.
  4. I'm scared of falsies, don't know how to use them, despite all the how to's out there.
  5. For sure! :yes:

    I think the top kind of looks like liquid liner. It's hard to tell. She is so pretty! I love her on Heroes!!!