Hayden Shoulder Bags - Size Comparison Pics

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  1. I mentioned that I had seen new smaller size Hayden shoulder bag today. On request I've taken some pics of them side by side and some modelling pics (in Selfridges). Sorry they are a bit blurry but at least you should get the idea of size. I am 5'3" and a UK size 14. Both fitted nicely in the shoulder although the strap on the smaller bag is considerably shorter and they are as light as can be. was very tempted by the small but had other fish to fry!
    Hope this helps someone.
    Both bags side by side on shelf:

    Large Hayden
    Large Hayden.jpg

    Small Hayden
    Small Hayden.jpg
  2. Thanks for the pics, very helpful!

    Gorgeous bags - also the pink! I'd love to get my hands on the large gingerbread one though... one day:biggrin: It's so lightweight and comfy!
  3. Great and thanks a lot for the pictures!
    Think the small one, might be big enough for my needs!
  4. Ooo thanks for that - I'm currently stalking the black smaller one - it sounds exactly what I'm looking for - a bag I can just sling on and go - not a bad price either !
  5. Thank you, I think I like the small one very much(no cash left to carry, just keys and mobile - so should be plenty of room:lol:)
  6. Sounds perfect for you then Kris LOL
  7. Small still looks quite sizeable! I saw the larger shoulder bag in Brown Thomas and tried it on but didn't like how the top flap was sitting, and how it was being weighed down by the logo plaque. Does the smaller one suffer the same problem?
  8. The small seemed to sit better but of course both both were stuffed with tissue so it might not have been a fair representation.
  9. Thanks Bluecat, great pics and they suit you! :graucho: Think I'm liking the smaller version ;)
  10. Thanks Bluecat, what did you think of the smaller one in size comparison to say, a Bays clutch like your blueberry on one eBay? Could you fit a days stuff into one? Reading your description of yourself as someone who carries their life in their bag, I totally identified. I think the smaller looks better proportioned with the flap somehow. Thanks for risking the wrath of Selfridges security for us! You are like a spy but better...
  11. ^ :lolots:

    The leather on those bags looks gorgeous!

    I wonder if they will have them when I pop into Mulberry. I dont intend to buy one or even fall in love with one .. but like to see & feel the leathers anyway! :biggrin:
  12. Great pics! I think I would go for the smaller one with this bag.
  13. I tried on the smaller one today ( in black ) the leather is very soft and floppy , it fit nicely over my shoulder , good size for a sling on and go bag - just not very keen on the leather , the one I saw was very matte and dimpled.