Hayden purse just released on NAP

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  1. :faint: KLP what are you doing?!?!?!

    I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist, I must resist :nuts:
  2. Wow I so wish it was on MW!

    Come on fuzzy, Mummy Hayden is calling for baby :lol:by any chance??
  3. ^^:roflmfao:

    Sorry Fuzzy, I wasn't trying to enable, honest! I just thought it was cute and since Mulberry don't even have it on their own website, even in the Coming Soon section, I thought I'd alert all the pf'ers to its existence. :biggrin:
  4. I saw these in New Bond Street on Friday - they do a pink one too - very cute but a bit small for an every day purse - they did a matching A5 notebook too - I got a pink one as I always carry a notebook.
  5. I'm having to sit on my hands and can only release them in short bursts to type on here!!!

    Ratrat, I am trying to convince myself that emerald mabel purse is fine and that I really don't need another new purse....don't encourage me...PLEASE!

    KLP, it's really cute and I love it, but sometimes ignorance is bliss!
  6. Shall we talk you out of it then Fuzzy? It's much too small, minuscule compared to your Mabel purse, and who needs more than one purse anyway? *Asks the girl with at least 4 in her wardrobe at the moment!*
  7. Fuzzy - it is very small and due to the size it's quite stiff (there's a big zip on it). Not as lovely and slouchy as the hayden bags.
  8. Thank you ladies, this is what I need! :biggrin:
    KLP, I have hundreds (maybe a slight exaggeration) of purses but only 1 Mulberry and I couldn't be bothered to keep swapping them round. Do you use all 4 of yours regularly?

    But hew, you just mentioned a notebook...? When will it end?!
  9. No, I don't use all mine. I have two Mulberry purses (oak Darwin long locked and oak NVT mini version of the long locked), an old zip-around Billy Bag one (hasn't been used in years) and a Golunski one that I've just switched back to.

    How much would you use a notebook though? I have a Notes section in my Filofax so I use that when I need to jot something down.
  10. Never...but that's not the point! :nuts: I have a Mulberry agenda, that I never use now I have my iPhone! Logic doesn't seem to come into these considerations lately. I think I'm just a lost cause and like spending for the sake of it and plus I'm a bit Hayden obsessed :blush:
  11. Well, I guess there's not much hope for you then!!! :P
  12. Thanks for the confirmation! :noggin:
  13. If this was bigger I would be in serious trouble...
  14. oooh its delicious - perfect size for me, as I like a small purse.

    Do you think it will be gingerbread or oak gals!!

    Would it look ok with my Oak Mitzy Messenger :smile: