Hayden Panettiere's used clothing

  1. http://www.panettierecloset.com/

    She's selling off her clothing for her save the whales campaign. Some pretty nice stuff on there!
  2. aww that's very nice of her to do! cute stuff too
  3. Everything is VERY LA- which can be a good or bad thing depending on your style. I'm guessing the majority of the items for sale are things she got for free based on the NWT conditions and being from the same few companies.
  4. what a cute idea and for a great cause that we know she really believes in...
  5. Why is she so concerned about whales?
  6. She has some cute stuff!
  7. Too bad she's so tiny!! I really like her etnies but I am guessing that they would never fit my massive feet.
  8. sigh, if only we were the same size still...
  9. Thats what I thought. But its for a pretty good cause, and if she isnt going to wear the clothes this is the perfect way to get rid of them.