Hayden Panettiere and other Heroes casts

  1. She's so beautiful and classy here, love her style :love:

    Taken from: Just Jared

  2. Some of those pictures sure are up close and personal lol.
    I cant wait for the new season to start!
  3. Love Hayden's shoes...
  4. great pics. love Hayden's highlights.
  5. makeup job is amazing!

    they're such a good looking cast ;)
  6. Milo looks HOT!
  7. She looks very classy!!
  8. She has sooo much makeup on...whoa. She's a pretty, young girl, I don't think she needs all that!
  9. Yeah, her mascara is very heavy. Isn't she only 17? She looks much older there.
  10. She looks very pretty though she has too much makeup on.
  11. Her makeup job is overdone!,its a promotion shot,not a halloween party!. I used to like her when she was younger (in Law & Order:SVU she apeared 2x) also when she used to do kiddie movies),now she is annoying!
  12. Same goes for Adrian Pasdar.
  13. I love Hayden! I got to interview her for an article and she is so sweet and down to earth.
  14. This girl is so stunning
  15. My first thought is WAY TOO MUCH makeup!