hayden is here!

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  1. I see the haydens have made it onto the website...and i admit to being rather taken with the gingerbread tote....would love to see irl!

    Anyone else fancying a hayden???
  2. Me! It was the first thing i dribbled over in the look book! Cant wait to see it irl!
  3. I'm off to London this weekend so hoping to see the ginger shoulder IRL. Spent my money on Mitzy Messengers for now though (unless it's gorgeous!).
  4. Saw the black in Selfridges its very nice but I think the handle is quite short
  5. I actually like short handles so that is part of the attraction for me...like the shoulder too hew.....just seen your mitzies thread - :yahoo:
  6. I am hoping selfridges will have the tote, off to Birmingham this weekend.
  7. Loving the shoulder and the tote. Black would be the sensible choice but gingerbread looks gorgeous Don't live close to a store though just the outlet and don't expect them to make it there anytime soon, so hoping for some modeling shots on tpf to help me out.

    Wish Mulberry would do model shots like NAP to give a better idea of how they look carrried.
  8. Hee hee poppy - I'm so naughty!
  9. Well I was really determined to get a pink shoulder Hayden...but have fallen for something else :graucho:
  10. I want to know how much they weigh as I need a lightweight smallish bag.
  11. Ooooo Marjo! What have you found?
  12. Oh Poppy, how cruel - thought this was a reveal! I think the tote would be perfect for you
  13. I've just bought one!
    Gingerbread Hayden Shoulder.
    Oh dear.....:shocked:
  14. That's a secret :P Hope to do a reveal later this week!
  15. I really fancy the pink messenger, but think ill wait to see it IRL before i go for it!