Hayden in Pink or Oak? In doubt...

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  1. I love the Hayden Shoulder Bag that will be coming this season. I just have to have one! My first choice was the Peony Pink, as I'm very fond of pink:

    I love the colour but it won't go with every outfit and I'm afraid I might be tired of looking at it quite soon. Oak is more 'neutral' but I already have an Oak Mitzy Hobo...

    The problem is that I'll probably have to order it from mulberry.com, as I only have 2 shops in the area that sell Mulberry and I don't think they'll have both bags for me to see IRL. Should I order both colours and send one back? What colour would you prefer?
  2. If you already have an oak mitzy hobo then i say go 'pink'. It sounds as though the pink is what your heart desires and therefore you might not get the same pleasure from the oak? Plus, you already have situations requiring a reasonably sized oak bag under control with your mitzy. If you will be paying full price then you might as well go for a real showstopper, as the pink is. I love it, it is a very pretty shade. I think it would work with all colours apart from perhaps red and orange. Mind you, if it was mine I would probably risk it with my red trousers. With enough confidence you can make a colour clash work I think!
  3. Hi, the "oak" is actually gingerbread, as far as I know. Not really sure how different that is from oak, as I've only seen the same pics you posted above. Maybe you can order both to try them out with different outfits and see which one you prefer IRL?
  4. I love pink............... so i vote pink,pink,pink!
  5. Oops sorry I forgot, I think for the shoulder bag, the pink is best! gingerbread for the tote (my next wish list item!)
  6. I think the gingerbread is going to be quite a different shade to the oak Mitzy hobo. I have that bag and find I hardly use it in the summer as it's rather a dark tone.
    So, you could give the gingerbread a go if you fancy an all rounder.....but......it sounds as if your heart is saying pink!
    You could try them both and see which one grabs you. The pink is so different, my vote would be for pink.
  7. Hayden is now up on the coming soon section of mulberry.com
  8. Well, oddly ;) I am in love with peony pink lol :biggrin: its an amazing colour so my vote is going for pink
  9. Im having the same debate with the hayden messenger! heart says pink, head says gingerbread. However my reasoning is that by the time it comes out it will be nearly spring/summer, so maybe pink would be more suitable........and I just love the peony shade so much!
  10. Pink Pink Pink!!! I have been in love with the gingerbread tote since my first peek at the look book.. but the peony pink on the shoulder is just beautiful! And I think from what you are saying, it is the one that would really make your heart sing every time you used her!
  11. Thank you all for your comments and advice! I think I should follow my heart...and go for pink :amuse: I mean, I love the pink bags that other Mulberry TPF' ers have, so just have to do it I guess. I will check with my local stores and Mulberry Amsterdam to hear what stock they are expecting and just see if I can try it on IRL.
  12. BTW It is indeed Gingerbread, but what is the difference with Oak? Is it lighter?
  13. The pink leather is TDF!! Go for pink!
  14. Loving this bag more and more. If your heart says pink, I would have gone for it! It will be very nice in the summer, and is different from your other bags. How does this size compare to the Mitzy by the way?

    The best thing would of course to try them on IRL. Personally I love the look of the gingerbread and also quite like the black. But haven't seen them irl though.
  15. I saw one IRL yesterday and felt a bit disappointed with it.

    On the pro side, it's bigger IRL than it looks in the pictures and it would pack a punch.

    On the con side, the leather (it was a black Hayden) looked a bit beaten and the Mulberry plaque on the front seemed to weigh the flap down considerably.