Hayden Hartnett - The White Havana Hobo


Feb 6, 2006
Has anyone seen this bag in person? Is it a true white or more of a dirty white? I really want it but I am unsure of the color aspect. Any feedback would be appreciated!


I don't know about the color, but I did buy the same bag in black and sent it back because the leather was so thin that the bag got all weird and lumpy when I loaded up my stuff. You could see the outline of my wallet, etc. and it didn't hang right. It's too bad because the detailing on the bag was very nice.
I think someone on another thread saw all the HH colors in person (I have the luggage color) and said the white was more of a "dirty white"-- not a crisp white. I don't think she recommended the color because she said the bag just looked like a white bag that was dirty!